Hello World – Typical Start

July 23, 2009

Its so easy to name your first post hello world..  and its so typical of it too and it is sooo shitty..   but screw it..  I will name it Hello World and I will be that un-innovative if you want to call it that way!

Anyways.  I used to be a Sun Campus Ambassador, and ‘owned’ a  Sun Blog – http://blogs.sun.com/jaysblog which i used to brag about all my technical findings and demos and stuff…

I have lost it now ever since my contract expired and I have been looking for something else, until I zeroed in on Floating Points!

Why I named it floating points?

I dont know.. I was looking for a nice name..  and after my first blog – http://novicenetneans.blogspot.com/ which was a disastrous name in itself,  and then http://noviceopensolaris.blogspot.com/ – Disaster No. 2 i thought I could do with a non technical name!

So, Floating Points! Though it is not completely non technical and I hate the Floating Point Format to store real numbers in computers!!

I will be writing some shitty stuff in coming posts..   And if you happen to read them, hard luck!

Bye for now 🙂


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