First Nagpur Java Users Group Meet

July 27, 2009

Read ORIGINAL ARTICLE published on JUG Nagpur Website.

After months of postponing, for varied reasons, we finally managed to come together for the inaugural Nagpur Java Users Group meet.

The agenda and sessions planned can be found on the JUG Nagpur Wiki.

No of Attendees: 19

The meeting started at 12.10 PM. Firstly we had a talk on Rapid Application Development Challenges in Java by Mr. Harshavardhan Karkar.

The presentation aimed at listing out

– Challenges Faced during Development using Java both as a Developer,
Project Manager, Owner of the project
– The highlights were that the challenges has a vast range covering

  • Configuration Challenges
  • Development Challenges
  • Testing and Deployment Challenges
  • Knowledge Management Challenges
  • Project Management Challenges

The statement – “If Development on .Net takes 1 day, same thing will take 1.5 days to develop on java” during the talk sparked an intense discussion at the end of the talk, with special inputs from Mr. Tushar Joshi and Mr. Saurabh Sethia. Everybody agreed that JAVA is a bit inferior when it comes to actual ease of use and hence productivity is hampered even if it is free and opensource, because .Net offers faster and more automated development.

In the end it was proposed that Java Developers around the world need come up with the list of Short Comings so that we can together bridge the gap of cost effectiveness for .NET VS Java. So, it was decided to brainstorm on the mailing list about what, we as a community can do so as to achieve the above goal.

Jug Nagpur Logo

It was decided to add an orange to the Juggy – and make our customized JUG Nagpur logo!

Monthly Meetings

The JUG Nagpur will now have monthly meetings which will be preferably arranged on the last Sunday of each month. Also, there would be a owner of each meeting, who will have the responsibility of coordinating the event. The ownership will rotate among active candidates.

Overall the meeting was a success and we look forward to participation from more and more JAVA enthusiasts from Nagpur, we know there are a great bunch of them in the Orange City. You are welcome in the next meet!


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