Tech talk at Chandrapur Govt Engg College

August 4, 2009

Just when I thought I would not get any chance now to “Lecture” and bore students, since I remain a Sun Campus Ambassador NO MORE..     I got a call from my friend Deepak!

Deepak is currently TEACHING (never imagined that!) at Govt Engg College, Chandrapur and he invited me to give a Guest Lecture to students on JAVA and Netbeans which I gladly accepted! So, it was on – 25th July!

The college was OK, considering it was “Govt ” college 🙂  And I took 2 batches, one for 2nd year students and another for 3rd Year.

At the start, to my surprise, I was given a flower bouquet and a grand introduction to about 70-80 II Year students, who really thought I am some real genius!  (LOLz) The CS Deptt HOD introduced me and handed the mike.

I started with my pet slides – Shift Happens (ofcourse borrowed!) and then went on to explain the current scenario of IT.  Then we had a small C quiz, after which I realized that II Year students were not at a very good state to understand JAVA directly. So, we just went thru overview of OOPs, and then I demoed Netbeans and GUI app!

For III year, it was really nice, as they were actually getting the things..  I showed how to make GUI App and also displayed a Netbeans Mobility Application which the students enjoyed a lot!

The best part was the chocolates, and some sun goodies which I distributed during the seminar, which kept students at the edge of their seats.  I am really not lying when I say – ” Even offering them break of 5 min, they were not ready to take it!! ”  Strange thing, at my time, we would hoot away asking for breaks during a 2 hr lecture!!!   Chandrapur students seem to be really studious 😛

In the end, i went home happy, and I dare say that was the case with the 130 odd students too!


One Response to “Tech talk at Chandrapur Govt Engg College”

  1. Rohan Ranade Says:

    Awesome work Jay! You are still a CA at heart 🙂

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