JUG Nagpur – August Meet

September 2, 2009

The Second meet of JUG Nagpur took place on 30th August.  And, according to me there were some really encouraging things and talking points during the meet. But at the same time there were  slight gray areas too (I hope that does not sound too harsh!)

Lets start with the positives…

#1 Global Participation – Mr. Rohan Ranade

Yes! Rohan Sir ( He doesn’t like it if i call him Sir any more :)) took his time out and attended the meet from US.  So, we had a conference through skype, and though the communication was not short of  hindrances, I think this is a great move forward for JUG Nagpur. He not only attended the meet, but also delivered a great and intriguing talk on “GUI Bloopers” which the audience enjoyed thoroughly.  You may want to spend some time reading the bloopers he has discovered!

#2 – Student Participation

The meet was held at SRKNEC campus, which obviously meant that we had a good number of students attending the meet. The number of student attendees at least doubled (I hope I can ind time to update exact figures sometime later) from the last meet. The Demo on Sun SPOT Technology was given by Kanan and other students.

#3 Professor Participation

We also had with us Proff M.B.Chandak, HOD, Comp Sci Dept, SRKNEC who shared his views and ideas. It was great to hear how he liked the idea of JUG and how interested he was to promote it. He has also offered to keep SRKNEC as the venue for JUG meet as long as it is pleased!

So, it all sounds great for JUG Nagpur.

Some Negatives – they have to be there!

The number of industry professionals attending the meet shrinked almost as much as the number of students grew…  This may have been influenced largely by the venue of the meet (After all, SRKNEC is not at the heart of orange city)  So, I guess somehow in the future, we need to even out the things, and make it equally appealing for students as well as professionals to attend the meet! I hope for the best!

PS: Please feel free to add your thoughts, and some steps that can ensure equal interest among both sets of audiences in future meets. I know this is not a big issue after all, but still significant according to me, as I happen to be on the transition phase – from student to professional 🙂




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