Im goin to be an IITian!

May 21, 2010


Im back blogging again..  After almost 9 months in exile, I am writing another blog post!

The reason for my absence – well..  apart from switching jobs, I had been preparing my a** off (literally) for GATE (General Aptitude Test in Engineering) Examination.

Well I resigned from a start-up company(will not name it here as I might decide to blog about my experience there one day!) in November (amid pretty much chaos to say the least) and decided to prepare for GATE with full determination.

I joined a very famous GATE crash course class (Again il prefer not to name it just to be politically on safer site..  the coaching team would surely name me among its GATE toppers list next year!) and soon realized it was one of the many blunders I did in my life!

Anyways, after serious preparation for 3 months, and attempts at host of Mock Tests offered by GATEFORUM (which i must say are pretty helpful) I felt I was ready for cracking GATE.

During the D-Day, 14th Feb 2010 as usual, it seemed il cracked under pressure..  I could solve pretty much nothing in first hour, but made it up pretty well in the last 2 hrs.

After the paper I soon realized I had made many blunders and silly mistakes, and thought it will be again a tale of missed opportunities..

But the result was out on 15th March, and I had secured a total of 793 / 1000  with AIR – 273. This was by no means a good score, and would not give me direct admission in any college…

I got calls from IIT kanpur, kharagpur, delhi and roorkee for interviews and written tests.

First was IIT Kanpur…  written test and interview.. Well…  I did not buckle under pressure this time and everything went pretty well this time. After the process I felt pretty sure of getting a seat..

When the results came, I was among the 50 students offered admission for IIT Kanpur MTech course in Computer Science and Engineering!!


SOME GYAN IN THE END: (Please excuse me for this :P)

At the end of the day, I would like to say that you should not be content with what you have, instead strive hard for what you believe you can achieve..   Hard work is bound to pay..

HURRAY!!  Im goin to be an IITian!

PS: I would surely write a post on how I prepared for GATE once i find enough time…


6 Responses to “Im goin to be an IITian!”

  1. nano Says:

    badhiyan ! i am eagerly waiting for the post of experiences of start up company!coz i ve seen the trailer!:P

  2. TanTanu Says:

    Dude. Welcome to Kanpur. Have fun and all the bestum.

  3. Adarsh J Says:

    Hello mate!
    Seems like we are gonna be batch mates ;), btw, well written posts.
    cya @ iitk.

  4. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    @Adarsh cya @ iitk!

  5. vasanth Says:

    please share ur experiences on gate preparation.eagarly waiting

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