GATE, CS – You may refer these..

May 27, 2010


While preparing for GATE exam, students usually refer to the quick guides and notes made available by several coaching institutes. According to me, there is NO ALTERNATIVE to standard computer scienc text-books. The following list can be pretty handy if you are serious about cracking GATE..


Book / Authors

Data Structures and Algorithms Introduction to Algorithms, Corman
Algorithms – Horowitz Sahani.
Theory of Computation Hopcroft, Motwani, Ullman.
Discrete Mathematics Kenneth Rosen
Computer Networks Tanenbaum
Engineering Mathematics G. S. Grewal
Operating Systems Galvin, Gagne.
Digital Circuits and Logic Morris Mano.
Computer Architecture and Organization Morris Mano.
Compiler Design Aho, Ullman
Database RaghuRamaKrishnan (For problems)
Software Engineering Pressman
Network Security and Cryptography William Stallings

8 Responses to “GATE, CS – You may refer these..”

  1. Pranshu Suraj Says:

    thank you sir for providing these information

  2. vasanth Says:

    please share ur experiences on gate preparation.eagarly waiting.

  3. dheeaj Says:

    hey can i have your phone number i think you can be helpful for me a lot my number is 9025895175

  4. alok Says:

    sir, can you please send me the GATE 2010 cutoff list of IITs and NITs
    I searched it a lot ,but i didn’t find that
    Please send it as soon as you can.

  5. Anchit Jindal Says:

    Sir I have read the books which you have told above.. Could you please tell books for sample questions .

    Thanks a lot..

  6. Reddy Parmeshwar Says:

    i m preparing for GATE 2012 & expecting a very high score
    but my btech aggregate is 58.23%
    can i get into IITs ?
    plz..plz..plz reply.this is very important for me.

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