IITs and GATE cutoff story 2010

May 28, 2010

I have seen the GATE exam, and the application process to various colleges and the various cutoffs very closely. So, I will try to demystify the complexities of the Post GATE activities here. Read on… 😀

I believe if you are reading this post keenly, it means that you are planning to crack GATE 2011 or whatever. And you will surely want to get into some IIT or IISc , because that is what we all dream of.  I will present some observations that will make you clear in terms of what exactly you need to do so as to achieve your goal. Please note that I might be wrong in terms of some stats presented here, but most of the things are true to my knowledge..


Gate evaluation can be done in 3 ways –

  • Actual marks obtained out of 100.
  • Gate Score out of 1000.
  • All India Rank.

2010 Stats (Not 100% sure)

AIR1       –  85/100     – 1000/1000

AIR87    –  62/100     – 892/1000       (My Friend)

AIR274 –  55/100     –  793/1000      (Me! )

Conclusion – If you get about 52.5/100 I think you will be in the top 350, and if you get 50/100 you will be in top 500.

Applying to different Colleges

The process of application to various colleges starts after the GATE results usually March 2nd week. The order of preference differs from person to person. Usually Ive observed, that the IISc Banglore seats fill up first, followed by IITB, IITM / IITK / IITD, IITKgp, IITR.

The rankings of Engineering colleges in India can be found here. (Google it again for your assurance). IIT Kanpur seems to lead the pack for 2010.

Collegewise Application details and Cutoffs (For Computer Science and Engineering Discipline)

1. IISC Bangalore

The Application process starts at the earliest and though I do not have any concrete information, I believe that the direct admission + interview process is over by April and the seats are taken up by top 100 AIRs.

2. IIT Mumbai

IIT B does only gives direct admission to students. The direct admission cuttoff for first round was approx AIR 65.  My friend Ashutosh Shukla, who had AIR 87, got direct admission through second round.

3. IIT Chennai

IIT Chennai also offers direct admission only. Upto AIR 110 got direct admit in first round. For second round I guess it went up to AIR 160. Then they have a provision of spot admission to fill up vacant seats. In 2009, the AIR 194 had got a seat on spot.

4. IIT Kanpur

I have got admission at IIT Kanpur, so I can say I know the process inside out 🙂 . Total seats available are 50. The Direct Admission was offered to students who had GATE score of 866/1000, with AIR of I guess 100-110.

20 students took direct admission leaving 30 seats to be filled up through interviews and written tests. For interview, the cutoff score was 750 / 1000, which meant that people who had secured an AIR about 350-370 got called for written test.

On the D-day, there were around 120 people competing for 30 seats. The written test was more focused on subjects like probability, permutation and combination, Algorithms, complexity, general ability, TOC. 60 students were shortlisted for interviews.

After interviews (which for me was pretty easy with very basic questions asked), the result was declared after 5 days and finally 30 students were offered admission.

5. IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur gives a weightage of 70% on GATE score and 30% on interviews. No direct admissions offered. People upto AIR 500 – 600 get called for interviews. I did attend its interview, and  the questions asked were very basic maths, and even physics including newtons laws of motion. No core CS faculty was on the panel, so I was being asked more electronics based questions too (which i had no idea).

6.  IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi gave direct admission to students with gate score of 825/1000 and above, which meant AIR of about 150. For interviews students with gate score of above 750 were called. I have no further details as I did not appear for the further selection process.

Please note that IIT Delhi also has JCA and VDTT programs for which CS students can apply besides MTech and MS  Research programs.

7. IIT Roorkee

Again, it does not give direct admission and the interview / written test process is held last. No further info from my side.

Applications to NITs and other colleges usually start after the selection process at IITs is over. I again have no info on these things.

Moral of the Story

If you want direct admission in some IITs, you must aim for atleast 60 / 100 and AIR < 110. If you manage to get around 52-54, you will be called for interviews from IITK, IITD, IITKgp, IITR.

Interview Hassles

Believe me you will want to save yourselves from the hassles of interviews/written tests because they inbvariably tend to collide and then you may have to choose between your favorite IITs. Also, you may need to embark on journeying whole of India, in the unforgiving May Heat at a time when railway tickets and reservations are hard to get! Believe me, to attend IITK interview, due to unavailability of railway and plane tickets (IRCTC Tatkal scheme ditched me as usual) I first took a bus from Pune to Nagpur. Then me and my dad traveled from Maharashtra, through whole of MP and to UP to reach Kanpur in next 2 days!!  Then we had to go back to Nagpur as my Kharagpur interview was scheduled 2 days later there! And what more, IITD interview at Delhi after 3 days! Anyways, the travel was worth its pain after the IITK results were out!

I hope you find the post useful, and please feel free to ask any questions in comments. 🙂


241 Responses to “IITs and GATE cutoff story 2010”

  1. Pratap Says:

    Thank you for this informative post and all the best for your future endeavors in IIT.

    I am preparing for GATE 2011 and mathematics is my sore point please suggest some books to practice for gate. I really need a seat in IIT-Delhi. 😦

    • manish singh Says:

      i think jain einger will be the best book for u .dnt read the materials provided by the made easy institute ..use these material for revise purpose..

  2. Pratap Says:

    It would be really helpful if you could share your strategy and the preparation methodology, especially the mathematics part.


  3. @Pratap

    I will write a detailed post on preparation strategy pretty soon..

    For the maths part, use Grewal for Numerical methods and Linear Algebra.

    Use Kenneth Rosen for discrete maths.. (You may start ur preparation with that)

    Hope it helps.. Best luck.

  4. Pratap Says:

    Thank you for the tips. I am eagerly waiting for the detailed post.

  5. vasanth Says:

    please share ur experiences on gate preparation.

  6. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    @vasanth – Thanks a lot for your interest.. I will update the blog once I get time in IIT. These days its just packing and shifting stuff..

  7. Venkateshhh Says:

    Hello bro
    I appreciate the brief info u put up here !Really nice.I have got air 621 Electrical .I have been to every iit. I have similar experience.so have u joined any where ?

  8. Abhishek Says:

    hello boss,
    i am a 3rd year student.
    my only aim is to get into IIT Bombay in CSE branch.
    can you guide me how to get my goal.
    Please help me.
    becoz after reading your article i think you can help me better then anyone else..

    • Hi Abhishek..

      Its good that you are focused on your goal so early. At this stage, I think you should only focus on internalizing all the core CSE concepts from standard text books. Thats all. Before you give exams, joining some Mock GATE Test series like gateforum will be helpful. GATE just tests your Basics.. Best luck.

  9. aakash Says:

    hello friend..
    very nice way to explain things quite clearly.
    i am student of final year in thapar,hav 5.5 cgpa.
    will i be eligible for iits if i could not able to manage 6 upto my final degree.

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Aakash.

      As far as I know, some IITs keep cutoff of 70% or 7 CGPA for calling for interviews. But i cant confirm that. I guess if you are in top 250 AIR, you will get called anyway.

      Best luck!

      • aakash Says:

        so,can u tell me upto what extent cgpa matters exactly in interview and how many iits dont call less than 70%.

        • I guess you will surely find detailed info on selection criteria at websites of IITs.. Just browse the pgadmission pages to get correct info. Im not absolutely sure of these things. 🙂

  10. gate_aspirant Says:

    if u find time, pls share ur views and tips on preparing for gate.

  11. vidyanand Says:

    i want to know about the eligibility criteria at IIT-B and IIT-Chennai for the PD category student in Mechanical Engg. and also possibility to get IITs minimum cut off for M.Tech.
    plz reply as soon as .

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Sorry.. I have no idea regarding Mechanical Branch.. You may get some info from the department websites..

  12. Atit Says:

    hey bro,
    I am a 3rd year student..i want to get admission in computer science via gate..i wud like to go to iit bombay,delhi or banglore..plz suggest me d ideal cut off marks out of 100…i also didnt understand how marks out of 100 is converted into out of 1000..plz reply….

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Atit,

      Cutoff ranks (u can make out their relative marks from the ranks and scores provided) for 2010 for different iits have already been provided on blog. To find out how marks out of 100 are converted to 1000 – use Google!! (Its a pretty complex formula which takes into account previous year GATE marks as well)

      PS: You should not bother about all these things at 3rd Yr level and only focus on keeping basics of your core CSE subjects very strong! Best luck.

      • Atit Says:

        hi jay,
        Thanx alot…i have just started my preparations..but i am too much confused about from where to start…wat r ur suggestions dude????

        • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

          Hi Atit,
          Sorry for late reply.. Was busy with exam. I think discrete maths and algorithms are very important and good starting point for preparation.

          Best luck!

  13. nishanth Says:

    hi !!

    I have got an AIR of 274 in GATE 2010 CS paper and a score of 793 but i have dropped an year just to get work experience(currently working) and also to try for higher studies abroad. It would be great if you could tell me how gud this score is to get into IIT madras for Mtech next year although ther mite be more no.. of ppl competing for same seat next year.

    Is ther a chance for interview call in IITM considering GATE cut off’s of many of these IIT’s? if not i wud try for MS prog offered in IISC or most of the other IITM.

    Waiting for ur reply !!

  14. I for think AIR 274 it will be very difficult to get IITM because they only give direct admission and dont call for interviews. Last year second round cutoff was around 190. But you will get call for interview from IIT Kanpur and that is as good as IIT M, if not better! You may weigh other options that suit you as well.. I have no idea about MS in IISc, but I guess that is more of research work and I am not sure about placements. I had also heard that it sometimes takes even more than 2 years to complete that course..
    Best luck!

  15. manish jha Says:

    hii brother many thanks for ur block

    i m a 3rd year student of it and prepare for gate 2011
    please suggest me how i can prepare computre architecture please suggest standard book other than mano

    also in my univ algoritms is not included in IT so can i read algo or not

    waiting for ur reply

  16. manish jha Says:

    many many thanks for suggestion

    i see today peterson book for architecture but it is similar like mano
    my problem is in gate only numerical type question asked which is tough so suggest me how i can score atleast 50 or 70 percent qus from architecture also in algo tell me some important topics because i only read recursive problm time complexity graph p np problm ,dynamic prog ,greedy algoritms from corman

    and also say link list stack queue i have gto read or not because in gate though qustn asked from that part
    i also join gateforum test series and in first test i score 16 marks but i attemt 37 marks so suggest in test how many marks i can attemt?

    • I think if you read the textbooks thoroughly and understand the main concepts then the numerical problems can be solved. You can also refer to gateforum or other coaching notes, they contain solutions to all gate questions previously appeared. This will give you an idea of how to solve the problems. For algorithms, I think corman and the video lectures that i mentioned are all that you need. Stack, queues etc are basics and you should be thorough with them before u deal with advanced DS and algos. Ex – Graph traversal techniques use stacks and queues.

  17. prashant Says:

    sir,i am a btech cs student.i want to ask you ……
    which gate material is best for self study.please send me your reply through email.my email id is ps20000@rediffmail.com

  18. prashant Says:

    sir ,
    which material is best for gate self study??????

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi prashant,

      Firstly, no need of calling Sir etc.. I am just a student like you!

      For Gate self study, follow all standard text books. Gateforum notes/ ACE academy noted are useful for last few months once the basics have been done. Also use gateforum or other test series for practice.

      Best Luck!

  19. vinay Says:

    in the admission processe our btech % are counted
    my % is 53% can i get iit and haveing good rank in gate

    • If you get direct admission, (AIR < 100) you dont need to worry about that. For AIR<350, you get called for interview. I think there you have to fill up % marks in application. But still I guess they might call you. Depends on the Institute.
      Best Luck.

  20. manpreet grewal Says:

    hi sir!!!!!!!!!!
    i am 3rd year student of electronics and comm.. i am appearing in gate 2011 in ec…but i want to do my post graduation in ocean engg… which is offered only by iit madras among all the iits. can you please tell mer taht am i eligible for that or not….please please reply… it is very important for me and also tell me the admission procedure for the same.

    • Hi Manpreet,

      Sorry, I have no info on your branches, I am in CSE Department. You should try and contact people in your department. Their email ids will be there on the particular Dep website of IIT Chennai.

      Best Luck!

  21. manpreet grewal Says:

    anyways thanx jay. .i really appreciate your gesture

  22. amita kashikar Says:

    Thanks Jay Bhaiyya,
    This information is really very useful…And i wil ask u more doubts if i come across them!!!

  23. Chayan Says:

    Hello Sir , I have appeared for gate2011 but i did’nt joined a coaching, I am a 3rd yr cs student. My marks in the gate is 28.69 , I belong to SC category will i have a chance for any IIT.what was the cutoff for iit for sc category student. Please Help me

  24. Arijit Mallik Says:

    I am a 3rd year CS student,have appeared for GATE 2011.As I calculated my marks,I got it 50.33.Is there any chance of getting into any of the IITs in 2012 with that?Which of the IITs can I have a chance for?
    Can you please let me know about the closing AIR in your batch?
    I will be highly obliged if you reply as soon as possible..
    Thanking you,

  25. @Chayan – I dont have exact info on category cutoff, but I think you will need Gate score > 550 or 600 for that. Depends on the number of students applying from your category.

    @Arijit – You will have some chance.. But im not 100% sure. Wait for your AIR.. And next year, you will surely improve your score, so dont worry! 🙂

    • Arijit Mallik Says:

      Thanks a lot!!
      You told that I should have some chance,can you tell me for which IITs will I have the chance to get admission?
      And i want to know the closing AIR in your batch,please,to have some idea about the real picture…
      Thanking you again,

      • I remember that people with GATE score more than 750 got a call for interview in IITK. That would be AIR around 350. It was 1 year back, so dont remember exact figures. You will surely get calls from IIT Guwahati and Kharagpur. But dont worry since you have one full year to go.. Make sure you get 60+ next year GATE! 🙂

        • Arijit Mallik Says:

          Thank you sir..
          Sorry but thats only what I can call you after I got such a tremendous help from you which I never got at all from anywhere else..
          Unlimited thanks for your help and wishes..hope you can achieve grand success in your life 🙂

  26. Chayan Says:

    Hello Again sir, Please give me some info about this someone in your class may come from SC category, So please ask him about the cutoff and my chances to get in the iit…
    Please sir help me out , i will be thankful to you

    • Hi, first of all, since you are in III Year, you will surely increase your score when you give exam in next year. So, if you get above 40+ next year, you will definitely get IIT call. For 28 I can say for sure you dont have a chance for now.. So, practice well next year.. I will update the cutoff % for this year in May. So, wait till that time! Best luck!

      • Ravi Jangra Says:

        Hello sir,
        According to IES made easy solutions i am getting 48 marks in GATE CS 2011.
        I am final year CS student having 70 percent marks in B.tech. I belong to OBC . So, can u tell me wat cud be my AIR and where i can apply . I am already placed on campus. So , i need ur suggestion that wud i try again and do job for one year or do i take admission in a college.. Can i get gud IIT’s by this score.

        • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

          I am not sure if u will get IIT. Please wait for the GATE Result. Then you can apply and see what happens. Else you can always go for job if u dont get admission.

  27. VINAY C RAJ Says:

    hi SIR, Im Vinay.C.RAJ…, I hv written GATE 2011, Mechanical Stream & im expecting a score of 58.33 out of 100… What will be my approx Rank & which Coll can i apply for?

    Hoping for an early reply..
    Thank you Sir.

  28. ankur Says:

    hi jay,i am a 3rd year student of ec.
    i have given gate this year and expecting 55 marks.do you have any idea of my expected rank.if i get good rank this year than will this be sufficient to take admission in iit’s or i have to again go for gate in my final year.

    • Hi ankur,

      If you get good GATE score (out of 1000) then that will be enough for getting you admission next year. IITs give admission based on GATE score which has a tricky formula (google for it) that takes into account previous years scores too.. But, if you can get 55 in III year, I bet you will do much better (top 100) next year. So, best luck! 🙂

  29. Hi Jay,

    I have two year experience in IT industry from 2009-2011 and appeared this year in GATE and I hope my rank will be around 400-600(AIR).
    Will I get a call from IITK for written & interview for Mtech in CS.
    as i belonge to OBC category and my % in MCA(master of computer applicarion) is not 59.8%.Please advice me.
    Is IITK give some prefrence to whom who have atleast 2 year of industry experience?

    after including all will i get a call from IITK ? please reply.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      If you have rank < 500 then you will surely get call for written and interview for OBC category.

      IITK will not give any preference to industry experience over fresh BTech graduates. Your MCA% should not matter as far as i think. It will solely depend on your performance in written test and interview.

      Best luck!

  30. chethan Says:

    i have written gate 2011, mechanical….
    i will get 32 out of hundred….
    is there any chance of making into NIT…

    plz reply…

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  32. Rinku Says:

    hi sir,i had appeared gate 2011 on ece branch.i am expecting 50-53 marks.can i get into any iits with this mark.please suggest me where can i get into??

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Rinku, I am from CS branch. No idea about ECE. But still I think 50+ is good score. Wait until you get your GATE rank. Best luck! 🙂

  33. pavan r mutalikdesai Says:

    i got 53 gate score in GATE 2011….how much rank can i expect and in all which IITs i can get direct admission….I AM FROM MECHANICAL BRANCH.plz reply…

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Pavan,

      I am from CS branch. No idea about Mech branch. But still I think 53 is good score. Wait until you get your GATE rank. If its around 300 you have a good chance for IITs. Best luck!

  34. harsha Says:

    i’ m from cs branch..n i got around 50 in gate2011..
    wht are my chances 4 iit’s or niit’s? Thanks..

  35. anupam choudhary Says:

    hi,i am 2010 passout.this time i wrote gate 2011 in electrical.question paper standard was quite high as compared to 2010 gate. From the answer keys published on websites i am getting 57 marks (electrical).which means 200-300 rank sure. I will get a good or not?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi anupam,

      AIR 200-300 will surely fetch you interview calls from most IITs. Please wait for the actual results. Best luck!

  36. rajesh Says:

    hi! i belong to cs branch & have appeared in gate2011.
    I’m getting around 57.Is there any chance that i would get a call from iitb & iitd?

  37. harsha Says:

    wht abt interview.. on which subject they focus mainly..

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:


      I would suggest you to wait for result and then worry about these things… you will have more than 2 months to prepare for interview after result. Have patience! 🙂

  38. rahul kumar Says:

    i m getting 58 marks in cs gate 2011 & i m very bad in interview , i do not do interenship but certificate of that, who iit can i get iit k,kgp,d,g,m

    tell me sir if can this year cutoff increases
    for iit !!! wt u think

    please told which iit can i get with most probable rank as i m very bad in interview!!!!!!!wht topic regarding this mainly at these iits

    as i m fan of u i check u r site many times a week,


    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi rahul,

      Firstly, im just a senior student, so no need of calling Sir.

      I cant tell anything until the results are out and you get your AIR. As I have already told AIR till 400-500 will fetch you interview calls. AIR < 120 will give you direct admission.

      No need to fear for interview as this is not for job. They will not test your speaking skills, just your knowledge. So, if your concepts are clear, you need not worry!

      Wait for results. 🙂

      • rahul kumar Says:

        as this year many branches(like me etc.) cut-off increases what u expect this year for cs only .

        what was increases cut-off of cs at your time from last year
        pls rply soon!!!!!!!!


  39. rahul kumar Says:

    as this year many branches(like me etc.) cut-off increases what u expect this year for cs only .

    what was increases cut-off of cs at your time from last year
    pls rply soon!!!!!!!!


  40. rahul kumar Says:

    if score is depends on the hightest marks obtain by any one or the top 100 student !!!

    as let 56 last year & 55 this year have the same score irrespective of highest marks obtain!!!!!

    & according to your increase score atmost for iit this year cut-off for interview will goes from 620 to 700 (eq. 42 to 50 atmost in marks)
    thanks alot!!!

  41. abhinav Says:

    I just calculated my marks through the ace key
    and i m getting around 40 marks
    is there any chance of atleast attending an interview at iits
    if not what is the best college i could choose from

  42. Prem Says:

    hello jai,
    this is prem from delhi, i am bca+mca (integrated mode 5 years program)student from ignou. but i have done in seven years. Please suggest me about gate2012 preparation and also advantages of gate. My academic is poor in 10+2 and gap also:-
    10th : 74% (2000)
    10+2 : 53% (2002)
    mca : 63% (2004-2011) (2 yrs teaching exp)

    Finally I am very depressed about my future, please suggest me…

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      If you are really interested in CSE and want to explore the concepts in detail, then only go for GATE. Else there is no point in going for it.

      If you want to go for it, then brush up your core CSE concepts. I have blogged about some things that will help for preparation in other posts. You will find tonnes of other material too. Just use Google.

      Best luck.

      • Prem Says:

        hello jai,
        finally, I want to know academic and gap is matter during placement or not? If I will crack gate high percentile and my m.tech cgpa will also be good then I think it doesn’t matter…

  43. ratn Says:

    Hi Jay,
    Can you please tell me what is the cut off (Rank+Marks+GateScore)for direct admission in CSE at IIT B, K, D, M for OBC category last year??
    Do you know anyone from OBC category at these IITs in CSE?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      I dont have this info. Check the department websites of the particular colleges. They might have posted cutoffs.

  44. Ravi Jangra Says:

    Hi jay,
    I am getting 48 by checking made easy keys…
    n i av an obc quota .. So, can u tell ne wat r my chances of IIT.
    or i join TCS as i am a final year b.tech student.

  45. Pavan Says:

    Hi Jay,

    I got 50 marks according to gateforum key in GATE 2011 CS paper. What rank i will be getting for this.. Is there any hope to get into IITs?


  46. Amarnath Says:

    i hav got 59.33 marks in cs paper….
    is there any chance of getting into iit’s????
    As many of my friends are saying that the paper was very easy and u might not expect a good rank….
    i’m a 3rd year student…and i come into obc category….
    pls reply soon bro….which rank i can expect???? which iit’s i can expect?

  47. Narendra Pal Says:

    hello sir, according to made easy and gate forum answer key i get around 31 marks in gate 2011 cs branch..

    can any possibilities for me to clear the cut off and take admission in nits. i belongs to obc category.
    and can i get rank under 10,000 according to your past experience..

  48. Ulkesh Says:

    Do u have any idea of cut off of IIT ROORKEE and IIT GOWAHATI?pls tell asap

  49. Ulkesh Says:

    Hi,can you give me cut off for IIT gowahati and IIT kharagpur.thanks

  50. prabhakar Says:

    my son scored 58 iN EC PAPER IN GATE 2011. he is from general category. please tell me what will be the rank? can he get seat for M.TECH in iisc or iit?. sir please ripply.

  51. Shridhar Says:

    hello.. thanks for your tips.. i have scored 30 marks and i belongs to st category,i want to join for niit colleges can i get seats???

  52. ratn Says:

    Hi Jay,
    can you pls tell me what was the cutoff for direct admission at IIT K last year?

  53. Amit Says:

    Hi Jay..I am getting 64 in GATE 2011 cs paper according to Gateforum solution.Can I get into some IITs?What will be my rank approximately? I am having 1.7 years of work exp.

  54. Mohit Says:

    Hello Jay,

    I am expecting around 62 in GATE 2011 CS. So, my rank would be such that I can get admission in IIT Kanpur (Hope so). The problem with me is that I am doing B.Tech from Orissa under BPUT (the worst university of all).

    I got a back paper in 6th semester, the rules in the University says that to clear the paper, I can appear in 8th semester only i.e. in May, 2011

    Now, the result of the back paper will be published, somewhat in the middle of August; if I got admission, will be there any problem regarding submission of certificates.

    Again, if I fail in the back paper, a special exam occurs in July & results are published in September. In this case, what will happen, if I got admission in IIT Kanpur. I am afraid from this only & the probability of getting a back in back paper is too common in this University. Idiots corrects your copy.

    Please clear my doubt, especially of the second point.

  55. sumit yadav Says:

    hi,, i want to know the iit and nit cutoff for cs branch . i am doing mca 2nd year in state university .

  56. supraja Says:

    hey jay
    i got a 55/100 and GATE score 693 in GATE 2011 CS.
    please advise me what i can apply for.

  57. Parveen Says:

    Hi frnd
    I have got 61.33 marks in CS with AIR 390 and gate score 770.
    Is my admissioin to IIT confirmed?
    can i get direct admission in IIT?
    Which all IITs I should apply?

    thank you!! 🙂

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      You will get calls for interview from IITK, D roorkee kgp. Rest not sure. Apply to all iits and see.

  58. Nikhil Says:

    I am an final year EC student….

    my score in Gate 2011 :
    AIR : 1018 😦

    so is there any chance of getting IITB or IITD ??
    please reply….

    • Arnab Bose Says:

      Last year IIT D,IIT B closing ranks says its very difficult to get chance there.in ECE IIT-D closing rank was around 800AIR.You have good chance in IIT R,GOWHATI,KGP

  59. A Sen Says:


    My AIR is 101 in GATE 2011 and a gate score of 875.
    But GPA is 7.75.

    Is there any chance of direct admission in IIT Kanpur.
    What about IIT Delhi?

  60. Priyanshu Says:

    hello jay
    very informative post..
    i have got 498 with air of 5076.. CS
    which all colleges should i apply??

    thank you!!

  61. lomash goyal Says:

    hii frd..
    yar can u please tell me the cutoff ranks for nit’s and iiit’s and DTU..

    i wil be thankful to u..

  62. Naveen Kamath Says:

    Hi Jay,
    First i would like to say that you are doing a fine job of answering everyones’ query and taking time from your schedule to help people out. Kudos.

    This is my Gate 2011 info –
    AIR : 585
    GATE Score : 737
    Do u think it is possible for me to get into any IIT’s? If yes then which one’s should i put an application for.

  63. praneeth Says:

    hiii my 2011 GATE MECHANICAL rank is 558…can i expect any iit’s ??? plz reply..mention the specializatin if possible..thnQ

  64. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry that I am not replying personally to everyone. There has been a lot of unexpected traffic and many repeated questions. So this is a common reply to all.

    Firstly, before you ask, PLEASE CHECK previous comments to see if your query has already been answered previously!

    I have no information on NON Computer Science Branches. So, please dont ask questions related to that.

    I have no information on cutoffs of NITs and other colleges. Sorry that I cant comment on those either. PLease contact gateforum or other such institute websites for such info.

    If your GATE rank is below 600, try opting for IITs, you may get called. If your rank is below 150 you might get direct admission.

    If your rank is below 1500 try applying for NITs and other colleges which you like. Do some survey for urself, contact the college seniors, their info is available on their respective websites.

    Again, above figures are as per my feeling and experience. You may apply for IIT even if you have lesser rank and try your luck.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, people who are posting repeated questions, I would like if others who know the answers chip in and try and solve the queries.. You can help your colleagues by answering their questions! I would be thankful for that.

    I will come up with a common reply till the traffic keeps coming, and also answer specific queries which have not been answered before.

    Hope this helps all. BEST LUCK!

  65. krishna Says:

    can you tell interview question for karagpur iit ,Guwahati ,madras, kanpur

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      I only gave Kgp interview. It was very vague. No preparation needed. HR type. No CS faculty was present in panel. Did not give any other interview.

  66. jiwan Says:

    i have 55.67 marks in gate 2011(cs).my gate score is 710.my all india rank is 857.
    can i get into any iits?
    what are the best possible institutes for me to do m.tech with this rank?
    pls do rply

  67. sumit Says:

    First of all
    Thanks for so much useful info..
    I have got 53/100 .G.A.T.E. score-668. AIR-1146.
    I am from general category.Please tell about non stipend basis entry into IITS .I am not worried about stipend.
    And one more query I have is :which branch should one choose if one is interested in discrete Maths ,algorithms and mathematical portions of computer science ?I know two of my options that is M.TECH IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING &M.TECH. in t.o.c.are there any options .how are NIT’S for choosing the above mentioned branches
    Thanks and best regards .
    Sumit Sidana

  68. Manisha Says:

    hi sir..

    Thanks for so much useful info..
    I am in 3rd year. electronics and communication branch.I have got 51.6/100 .G.A.T.E. score-616. AIR-1750.
    I am from general category.Please tell if i can get entry into IITS ..if not please do tell in which institute i can get admission in, and in which branch.
    do also tell at which time next year i should start applying for various institutes and which institute will call me for diresct addmission.
    Manisha Bhandari

  69. irfan Says:

    hi i got 35 marks in gate 2011 in EE branch.my percentile is 95.4.so cn i get admission in MNIT jaipur?

  70. Jithin Says:

    hi bro,
    I m jithin. Got a 535 score(AIR 2068)in GATE 2011(mech engg). And my percentile is 97.64.Can you pls enlighten me about really good colleges into which I can get into, even if I m not able to get into IIT s OR IISCs. Pls reply.

  71. mithilesh Says:

    [b]hello friend…….i m MITHILESH…

    in GATE 2011 CSE i got 53.33 marks, score-672, AIR-1107,OBC category,what do you think can i get admission to any of the IIT-for ME/MTECH/MS…

  72. siddhant Says:

    i m siddhant, my percentile is 99.96. my rank is 44 and score is 928. will i be able to get in iit bombay. plzzz reply

  73. shreyas bakre Says:

    sir,i have got 48 marks in 2011 gate exam.(ec branch)
    my gate score is 580 & AIR is 2700.can you please suggest me the college & guide me for m.tech admission.i prefer to take dsp,vlsi or communication.

  74. Gyanadutta Says:

    hi brother,
    I m gyana. Got a 588 score(AIR 1182)in GATE 2011(mech engg). And my percentile is 98.55.Can you pls enlighten me about good colleges into which I can get into, even if I m not able to get into IIT s OR IISCs. Pls reply.

  75. abhinav Says:

    hi bro,
    i am working in a not so good firm.barely manage to get 9000 per month can i prepare for gate i hav experience of 6 months.but i think that is not satisfactory what u say about it, please revert me.

  76. ashu Says:

    hello sir
    i am final year student and my branch is CSE.
    i am PD candidate.my gate score is 286.my marks is 21.67.my AIR is 24819.so which college i have apply…

    i am apply for all nit….

  77. mukund patel Says:

    what are specialization branch offer in computer Science for Me/M.tech , at various IITS ,NITs give me all detail if u know

  78. Gaurav Says:

    Hello Jay,
    I am from ECE and scored 54.67/100 and 652/1000 with all india rank 1248(Seems amazing??).
    Is there any chances for me to get IITs this yr??

  79. Mohit Mundhra Says:

    hi jay,

    thanks for all the info.
    The results this year have been really surprising.

    I have got a score of 745 and rank of 537 in CS. Can you suggest which iits can call me for interview?

    i know the question is redundant…


  80. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    Hi guys,

    I was on vacation holidays so could not reply. It seems that there are a lot of redundant queries regarding where to get admission and cutoff etc. I request you guys to please read the cutoffs for last year that I have already posted to best of my knowledge. I cannot suggest you colleges for specific AIRs since I dont have any info on any college other than IIT Kanpur. So, please do your own survey.

    Also, people who already know the facts can please go ahead and answer new queries like Arnab Bose has already done. Thanks a lot Arnab for your input.

    Best luck for your admission process.

  81. hrishit Says:

    hi jay,
    can suggest the preference for the iits/iisc?
    and plz tell is it better to opt for M.S. in an iit at nth preference or M.Tech. in an iit at (n+1)th preference.

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      I would say MTech should be preferred over MS. (Thats my personal opinion and we dont have this concept in IITK).

      Preference of IITs, well its personel decision and depends on the areas of interests. IIT B and IIT D are good at systems areas. IITK is better in theoretical aspects. So, do your own study, look at the department websites, the proffs and their areas of interests, also courses offered.

      Best luck.

  82. ashish Says:

    Hi jay
    pls list top clg 4 mtech except IIT,NIT….

  83. navneet pathak Says:

    hi i got 94.59 percentile in gate 2011 in instrumentation branch with 423 score which institute out of iit’s and nit’s i can get plz tell me

  84. SUMIT Says:

    hi jay..
    i have been called for IIT MADRAS M.S. PROGRAMME .Please tell me should i go for interview .Is it worth donating two years to do theorotical computer science at IIT Madras doing M.S. and most importantly will they keep my G.A.T.E score card immidiately because i have to give other M.TECH. exams as well .My G.A.T.E. score is 668 with rank 1146 and 53/100 .Please reply with urgency.

    • I dont know much about that course in IITM. I think you should find out the contacts of students from the department website and mail them for more info. They will tell you the exact details. 🙂

  85. ashish Says:

    Hi jay…
    I got 96 % in CSE n rank is 5404
    im interested in networking…
    im not applying for any IIT…
    could u pls tell where i should apply….
    Jay pls rply im too much confussed…

  86. swalin Says:

    Hey, i got 369th rank this year in CSE gate, and i am an SC student, do you think i can get direct admission in IIT Bombay?

  87. Sumit Says:

    Thanks jay for your response.
    Do you have knowledge about tentative dates for IIT KANPUR written examination for admitting G.A.T.E. 2011 candidates .I called up admissions office and they were telling its most probably on 11 -15th of may but still not confirmed.

  88. Prankur Gupta Says:

    I am prankur Gupta
    with AIR-451
    Gate score – 758
    Air – 451

    I have been called by IISC for M.Tech in computational science.
    And already you know about tickets in indian railways.
    So, is it worth going there after too much trouble is there any chances for me there.
    Same for IITM interview.
    I would like to ask another ques on the type of ques asked during written test.

    • If u do well in interview, you will get selected. So, decide for yourself. The thing is Computational Science is a more narrow field than general Computational Science, so you need to be convinced that it is exactly your area of interest. I am not sure about IITM interview. Last time they gave only direct admission for MTech. They called for interview for MS programs. I had not applied for that.

  89. Raisa Says:

    I scored 82 AIR in CSE gate this year with a score of 888..Can I get admission into IISC Bangalore?
    or a direct admission into IITB?

  90. Jyotish Says:

    Sir,, My Rank is 5234 in EC Branch Gate 2011 (OBC Category)..
    Can I have chance to get admission in IIT Roorkee.. Or MNIT Allahabad..

  91. deepak pandey Says:

    sir mai gate score is 29.33 electrical plys give the information which colleg will we apply thak sir

  92. my gate score is 576 & all india rank is 264 in instrumentation.can i get direct admission in any iits???plz reply

  93. mrinmoy bhuyan Says:

    if i have an air 3 in gate but only 8.3 gpa in my qualifying exam is there any chance of getting into iisc?

  94. KUNAL DAS Says:

    I get 42.63 in EC in GATE 2010.AIR 1719.GATE score 602.which colleges are best option for me???

  95. Mahesh dubey Says:

    I given gate this year and my air is 192 and gate score is 808 ,is it enough to get in iisc or iitm/b/k direct admission ? and i am in 3rd Year , is it good idea to attend gate next year again ?

  96. yogesh kumar shitole Says:

    I got call from IISC Banglore for ME in computer science and engineering but some of my friends are telling that at IISC M,Tech in computational is good rather then ME in Computer science and engineering but they r also not sure can u help me in this , weather I should join ME programme in computer science and engineering or I must wait for call from other colleges……..please reply soon

    IISC offers
    ME in Computer science and engineering
    MTech in computational science which one I should prefer……

    • I am also not sure about this ME programme. If it is a 3 year course, then I guess MTech from other IITs is better option.. You should mail the seniors there and get their opinion. Their ids will be on department website.. 🙂

      • Yogesh kumar shitole Says:

        I got chance to study at IISC Banglore for ME programme in Computer science and engineering it is 2 year course and subject are almost same………here I need ur help ,since I heard from my friend that there I hv to select some subject among given elective subject so in first semester what subject I should prefer so that I can score well…….
        I love networking(compu. net. , O.S)
        since u r also from CSE background I am sure U can help me in this………please reply soon and thanks for replying for my previous question..

        • Again, I would say, ask your seniors there since I have no idea about courses offered in IISc. They will be able to guide you best. Also choose subjects that would overlap with your thesis interest. Best luck.

  97. arun Says:

    Hi.My gate rank is 46 in Instrumentation engg.Can i get direct admission in any iits..
    PLz reply

  98. rizwan Says:

    Hi jay,

    I scored 939/1000 in gate 2010 AIR 46, and applied to IITK this year. I wanted to know more about the scope of projects in algorithmics at IITK. I know that there is a reknown prof manindra agarwal in the department. I am interested in doing some work in this area to boost my profile for pursuing PhD abroad. Do, the MTech students at IITK get significant research exposure right from 1st semester? I see that there are 5+ profs in algorithmics and related areas, but some profs don’t have publications page..so, can you tell me about your overall opinion on IITK for research?

    I already have an admit from IISc, Bang for ME(CS) but waiting for IITK results.

    Thanks much! Please respond to my questions.

    • Hi,
      I guess if you are looking for Phd, and research then IITK is one of the best places to be. Specially for algorithms and theoritical computer science research. I have taken courses under Dr. S.Baswana, and he is the best. Read my blog post on Randomized algorithms to know more. Also, Dr. Sanjeev Saxena is very good in algorithms, im doing my thesis under him and he has recently published 3 papers. If you want to see publications of all teachers, you can google for “DBLP + proff name”. Besides, Dr. Biswas and Dr. Manindra Agrawal are the best in their fields in the world (TOC, number theory and modern cryptology etc).

      Regarding research, IITK is the only IIT which has only 6*4 compulsory course credits and 10*4 thesis credits! So, we have to take 2 subject equivalent of thesis in 2nd Semester. In final year, we only have to do thesis (research). So, I think it is best for people interested in doing research.
      Best luck!

  99. Kush Manjrekar Says:

    Hi sir My GATE SCORE is 745 and AIR is 537 what chances do i have of getting interview call from iit kanpur, or kharagpur or delhi or any one among these or none of these

  100. Tony Says:

    I got AIR 272 and a gate score of 798 for gate 2011 in CS.Can you please specify the kind of questions asked for interview in IITK? Were the questions specific to a topic or asked from random topic? How difficult was the written test compared to actual gate exam? Also i read that IIT KGP interview was HR type.Can you please specify a few things about their interview.

  101. rizwan Says:

    Hey Jay,some quick questions regarding IITK.

    Does Mtech program here have a summer term too like IITB?

    I see that Algorithms and Theory faculty is the best here, are the faculty from non-theory areas also decent? ( I want to get some exposure to the systems areas as well, since there is a lot of scope for applied algorithms anyday.)

    I have already opted for IITB, as i felt that although number of theory faculty is less, there are faculty in many areas of CS.(And of course number of admits to Mtech is also very high!)

    But, I am still a bit skeptical about IITB, as I see that everyone says IITK CS dept is best 🙂

    Thanks much!

    • >Does Mtech program here have a summer term too like IITB?

      Yes. You can also go for internship, if your Thesis guide allows, but in general you are may work on thesis, so that you get lot of time for placement preparation in III Sem.

      I see that Algorithms and Theory faculty is the best here, are the faculty from non-theory areas also decent? ( I want to get some exposure to the systems areas as well, since there is a lot of scope for applied algorithms anyday.)

      Systems faculty is also good. Dr Mainak Chaudhary is the best in his area.

      I have already opted for IITB, as i felt that although number of theory faculty is less, there are faculty in many areas of CS.(And of course number of admits to Mtech is also very high!)

      But, I am still a bit skeptical about IITB, as I see that everyone says IITK CS dept is best 🙂
      It is true. But, if you want to work on systems side, IITB is also a good choice. If your interested more in algorithms and theory, then IITK is the place to be acc to me.

  102. arun Says:

    Hi jay i got a very low score 411 rank around 8000 in gate and am thinking of doing another one year long term what do you think is it worth it or should i try to go for state university please give your opinion

    • Kush Says:

      dont go or state universities give 1 more try my air was 7200 last year this year it is 537 and i personally feel i could have done better so i think arun you should give another shot , go for it

  103. Amit Says:

    Hi Jay..I have AIR 286 in CS .Can I expect a call from IITK.What is the toughness of the written test there and how to prepare for the interview?

  104. Harish Iyer Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Can u give me the following details regarding test and interview
    1) What is the duration of test and number of questions
    2) Is focusing on subjects Discrete Maths, Probability, Linear Algebra, Algorithms, TOC, Compilers enough

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Written will be 1:30 or 2 hrs. Not sure. Interview duration depends on your performance.

      You might want to brush up OS too.. Best luck!

  105. raghav Says:

    hi i have scored 20.67 marks n my gate score is 274 my AIR is around 27000 so is there any chance of getting me thru nit’s like suratkhal trichy or warangal. I belong to sc category

  106. Bharatram Says:

    HI i got all india rank 1196 and gate score is 52.67 in CS.Is there any possibity for me to go into IIT rourkela?

  107. mahi Says:

    sir im 5th sem student i want to know is that gate test is helpful in getting job or other benifits rather than taking admis. for mtech
    mi branch is mech wich books should i follow

  108. VENKATESH Says:

    im doing my 4th sem civil engg ………..i would like to write gate 2012 ….how much gate score is required to get direct admission in any IIT

  109. Hi Jay,
    I have got AIR 274 in CS Marks 55/100 in GATE 2010 i think the same as you. I have applied only in IIT Roorkee and they have called for Direct admission this time but not declared any merit list. Will my Rank do enough to get me into CS or IT? n Please do lemme know how hard is it to do M.Tech in IIT R.

  110. Sumit Says:

    Hi bro, nice 1 & congo 4 d same.
    Smwhat late, still not so.
    I’m a 3rd yr CS student & I got 55 marks with GATE score of 693, I’ll surely try again in Final year. Tell me one thing “Is the procedure of calls is same for 3rd year Ranks” that is, Would i b called(if, so) in Final year?

  111. Sumit Says:

    Strange @Harmandeep Singh: The same marks, the same branch & I got AIR 910 in GATE2011 while he got AIR 274!
    May be due the difficulty level of the paper! But still 😦

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      The marks out of 100 is not a yardstick which is used to compare GATE candidates. It is the GATE score out of 1000 which is a formula that takes into account many other factors than just the marks in that years exam. So, you should check out your Gate scores and not the Gate exam marks.

      You can always try and improve next year! Best luck. 🙂

  112. Harish Iyer Says:

    Hi Jay,

    I got selected for Mtech admission at IIT Kanpur. Since your interest area is also algorithms, can u tell me what all courses did you take in first semester.
    Also right now i have almost one and half months before joining, so what do u think i can study in the mean time as I am also very interested in algorithms

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Harish,

      Congrats for your selection. I had done CS601 (I will advise you strictly go for that), CS647, CS648 and CS641. I think instead of CS647 this time Saxena Sir is offering CS645, but that will also be very good. You can look up the course codes on dept website.

      For preparation, if your really interested in algorithms, start going thru Eva Tardos book on algorithms. Anyway, Baswana Sir will teach everything from scratch but it will be good if your DS and algo basics are brushed up.

      • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

        Well, on other side, I would advise you to enjoy the next months as much as possible because you are in for a tough ride during 1st semester 😛

        • Harish Iyer Says:

          Just out of curiosity how does taking Modern Cryptology CS641 help if you are interested in algorithms

  113. rizwan Says:


    Actually this time..Randomized algorithms and Modern cryptology class timings clash..so it will be a disappointment for folks like me! I would like to work on a project in first sem as well [informally] just to get some exposure. Is that possible Which profs should I mail to ?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Oops.. Sorry, I had also not taken CS641. I had gone for CS628 – thats computer systems security. Basically, Cryptology and Randomized algorithms are the two most heavyweight courses (need lot of time as well as effort, with loads of assignments etc). Last year only few students had gone for both together, and they were under severe burden. Maybe thats the reason they are kept in same slot this time.

      My reason for taking CS628 was it was a light course comparatively.

      Regarding project in first sem – well.. its nice that you are ambitious and hard working, but believe me, you will not get time to do project! If you go for systems course like adv computer arch etc you will have to do project as part of the course itself. And it will take more effort than average final year project done by students in private colleges 🙂

  114. Harish Iyer Says:

    Hi Jay,
    I read in the department site that Mtech here is more thesis oriented. So i had two questions
    1) Is it compulsory that your thesis should result in an IEEE paper like that? How many students are able to do it
    2) Since i have no previous experience of publishing papers or core research. I wanted does your project guide help you in this by telling the domain or area like that? In short what is the role of project guide in IIT Kanpur and how does he help in your thesis

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      1. It is not compulsory that your thesis work gets published. If you have done your work seriously, you will get your degree. Very few pple about 20-30%(not sure) actually end up with publications.

      2. Thesis can be theory of implementation based. Implementation based work is usually in systems area. For algorithms its generally theory based, but can be a combination of two.
      Some guides have their problem statements ready and want us to work on them while some will allow you to do initial literature survey and come up with your own problem statement. Every guide is different in that respect. You will know your area of interest once u do the courses in 1st semester. So, no need to worry about all that now. 🙂

  115. arun Says:

    hi jay can u plz tell me how many seats are there reserved for gate candidates in iits .plz i heard it varies from 10 -20 is it true?

  116. vikram Says:

    Vikram here,
    I wil b doin 3rd yr ECE in NITK suratkal next yr( 2011-12)..and I want to appear for GATE 2012..Can u pls tel me the averg number of seats in M.Tech ECE in IITs,IISc.. and what is your opinion on integrated ph.D?, how do u rank dat wid M.Tech in IITs
    Anticipating reply,

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi, I have no idea about ECE since im from CSE. But usually there are 30 – 40 seats for MTechs. Phd is a very difficult course and you should not go for it until you are convinced. Take MTech for start, then if u like the work can convert to phD after a year.

  117. Harish Iyer Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Recently i talked to one of the students in Mtech 2nd Year in IIT Kanpur. He just completed his thesis. He shared to me a contradictory experience compared to one in your blog. He was sharing that professors in IIT Kanpur don’t help Mtech much in their thesis or publications. Infact he told that most of the professors who are most active are the new one’s who just completed their Phd. He also told me that in his class only 6-7 people were able to have publication and 90% of them were under the new prof’s. Now that fact seems to be supporting the statement. Infact he told he made a mistake in choosing IIT Kanpur

    So i wanted to ask from you about ur personal experience in this. Coming from NIT’s i know how old prof’s are difficult to work under. Are u getting good guidance from your guide. How do u see your chance in publishing a paper. Please share your experience and any other comments

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Harish,
      Well, every batch has students who like and dislike their college. Even some students in our batch would tell you same things.

      It entirely depends on how much work you are ready to put in.

      Personally, I am getting very good guidance from my Dr. Sanjeev Saxena. Publishing a paper is very difficult task specially in theoretical CSE.

      The new proffs that you are mentioning mostly work in systems area and it is relatively easier to publish papers in that area. Again, I would say same thing,- if you are interested in theory, come to IITK! 🙂

      • rizwan Says:

        @Jay: I totally agree with the point that publishing papers in theoretical cs being difficult compared to systems. I was planning to take Machine Learning course in first sem, is that taught well? and does it have a course project? I couldn’t find any website for this course.

        @Harish: I am joining IITK too..:) you seem to be keen on publishing papers, planning for PhD?

        • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

          @rizwan – I had not taken machine learning. We have Dr Harish Karnik whose research interest is Machine Learning. One of my batch mates – N. Chittibabu is doing thesis in this area. So, you might want to talk to him. His email is chitti@cse.iitk.ac.in

  118. Deepak Says:

    Wat is d avg salary in iitk? Wat was d highest n lowest pkg offerd dis yr??

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      I am not 100% sure about the details.
      For MTech CSE – Avg – 9.4
      Max – around 17 (Google)
      Min – around 7.

      • rizwan Says:


        I know the number of PhD admits depend on the interest of the candidate which not that common. But, can you give the statistics of the PhD admits from MTech CS Dept to top 10 Universities in US? How many decided to
        continue for a PhD in Kanpur ? Is there any mailing list where IITK alumni
        help the existing students in PhD App’ing?

        • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

          I am personally not interested in phD right now. So I have absolutely no idea about your questions! Sorry. I suggest google! 🙂

  119. Saurabh Says:

    sorry to say this but ragging is also there in m.tech?
    coz i afraid of all these things..im preparing for gate 2012…

  120. srinath Says:

    hii, iam a fourth yr student.i have nt yet started to prepare for gate.so pl suggest me the mode of preparation n hw to prepare to get a good ai rank

  121. rakesh Says:

    i am handycap(ds) student. my branch is electronic engeeniring.how many marks requird in gate for admission in any iits for me???????????????

  122. Dyuti Says:

    I am an ECE graduate. I completed my graduation this year itself, i.e 2011.I had qualified for GATE 2010 & 2011,but my mks were not up to my expectations. I have joined a company but I am not finding it satisfactory. If I resign now & start preparing for GATE 2012, will this 1 year gap in my career, without any job experience affect my GATE admissions??

  123. Anusha Says:

    Hai ….
    I am anusha from hyderabad…. I am doing my architecture in jntu hyderabad. Now i am in 4 th year …. I alredy wrote gate … I am not qualified . Plz help me interms of sheduling the time and how to study !!! And kindly plz tel me about the cutofff ranks for my course …. I cant find out them ….. Rly me as early as possible…….:)

  124. Anusha Says:

    Me anusha sir !!! I heared the news that architecture department is willing to start in kanpur is dis true??

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi, Im from CSE, and I have no idea of Architecture dept. Please browse thru iitk website for that.

  125. avinash Says:

    hii, your information regarding gate is too much useful….
    i’ve one querry that our b.e./btech score is considerd with gate score…?????if s, may i get admission in iit if my gate score will be best..bcoz my acadamic avg is 56% only????plz tell me…

  126. chandrasekhar Says:

    hi mr.jay…. could u please tell me what would be the cutoff mark to get direct admission to iitk and iitg without any need to face any interview over there .and moreover i am from EC branch ………..

  127. Debashis Says:

    first really want to congrasulate you for all your success in life.
    I am a final year student of cs dept.could you pls tell me whether there will be any good if i pursue mtech degrees …or it will be just fine to opt for a job?
    I really need an answer for that…as this is really making me mad:-(

  128. amritpal Says:

    sir i’mstudent of 4th year and want to join ph.d. course at iit……will you please tell me the gate cut off for getting admission in ph.d AFTER B.TECH.

  129. lazylion007 Says:

    HEY, JAY

    I have only one question

    and please tell me why.

  130. mohit Says:

    Im in 7th semester..E&C stream. Is 5 months of preparation, sufficient to get into IISC..?? if i am ready to slog, how many hours of preparation would it require per day??

    waiting for your reply.

  131. mohit Says:

    yeah..thank you..dats pretty much it..say dat my basics are not upto the mark..all i am asking is, the time left for gate 2012 sufficient for my aim..?? could ya pleez give me some tips on scheduling myself in d course..??
    i ve joined gateforum e tutorials which is yet to get start with, and i ve been downloading e learning courses of NPTEL too..please suggest..

  132. Reddy Parmeshwar Says:

    i m preparing for GATE 2012 & expecting a very high score
    but my btech aggregate is 58.23%
    can i get into IITs ?
    plz..plz..plz reply.this is very important for me.

  133. Shadab Says:

    I got 2752 rnk in gate 2011 in 3rd yr cn i get any colg

  134. abhiram Says:

    i am a student of 1st year B-Tech . I want to do M-Tech in IIT or IISc . Just say me the way to prepare for the GATE entrance.
    and one can join as TA or RA is it also based on merit in gate entrance?

  135. sahil rana Says:

    Sir ,nit and other deemed universities got selected in how many marks.if i score 40 marks then this universities will selected or not?

  136. vijay Says:

    sir really a nice blog on gate info..

  137. tushar Says:

    plz can me help about information about IIT for instrumentation and control course via gate cut off and rank calculation?

  138. Vinod Says:

    I’m Currently doing B.Sc(IT) and my question is can a M.Sc (IT) student do M.tech (Comp Sci) from IIT???????
    and what r the chances of getting admission in IIT for MSc Student????????????
    please reply asap.

  139. fayaz Says:

    Hello, Jay Mahadeokar sir, It was a real good blog,it was very useful….I am in my final year(Civil Engg..,GITAM University),I am appearing for GATE2012,,I had 2 backlogs,which I have cleared,my cgpa-7.5…..if i get a good GATE AIR,,will my backlogs be a problem to get into IIT’s

  140. Avinash Says:

    My gate rank is 714 with 458 score in instrumentation branch. i am in b.tech final year with active backlogs. can i do m.tech? if yes! suggest me college and branch.

  141. UMESH KUMAR Says:










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