When Rooney turned into Dhoney!

June 29, 2010

WARNING – This post is written in the post England bowout disappointment..  I could relate the anguish of English fans with that of the Indian supporters. The content may be harmful to the loyal English football / Indian Cricket supporters! 😛

England was thrashed into misery by a young German side in QF of WC10. It comes hardly as a surprise. When you think of it, the England Football World Cup story is very similar to the Indian Cricket World Cup saga, that takes place once every 4 years.

English superstars, the so-called golden generation, play in the most coveted league – the EPL! They are the Princes and Kings of their respective clubs..

1. Terry and Lampard virtually run Chelsea.

2. Gerrard is the soul of Liverpool.

3. Rooney is Mr. Manchester United.

Lampard and Rooney scored for fun for their clubs in the EPL season. Same is true for Dhoni and Co, when they play in the IPL. Then what happens to these stars when they pplay for their country in World Cup Finals, or T20?

Both sets of supporters have a common story to tell. They hype up the expectations before the big tournament and believe that the current set of squad is the best ever seen. The players have unimaginable burden of expectations, and when they have worked their hearts out to help their respective clubs secure the club trophies, they ultimately crumbled under the world stage! Reasons can be many..  But they are mostly common..  The most frustrating thing is, other countries like Brazil, Germany in football, or Australia in Cricket always seem to find players that rise to the occasion!

Then the Heroes turned into Zeroes are bashed, battered and targeted by the media and same supporters. In India, we burn effigies of the culprits, while in England, the punishment is little less harsh!

Then the story repeats itself..   The memories are washed out and the cycle continues in 4 years time..

We await the next Rooney, and the next Dhoni..   Who will make the country proud..   And hope the new Rooney does not turn into the old Dhoni and Vice versa..

PS: Image Credits – 1. Dhoni



One Response to “When Rooney turned into Dhoney!”

  1. vasanth Says:

    please share ur experiences on gate preparation.eagarly waiting.

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