Preparing Maths for GATE, CS

September 4, 2010

Maths part for CS GATE plays a very crucial role in the overall outcome, and I think it is the most important and easiest subjects in the over all syllabus. Even here in IIT K, we are required to take a basic course in maths and algorithms, as the general belief is: “Engineering Maths is not studied as well as it should in most of the universities” I will try and jot down some points that could help in Maths preparation.


  • Mathematical Logic
  • Probability
  • Set Theory & Algebra
  • Combinatorics
  • Graph Theory
  • Linear Algebra
  • Numerical Methods
  • Calculus

Books that can be useful

1. Discrete Maths – Kenneth Rosen

2. Higher Engineering Maths – B.S.Grewal

3. Probability and Random Processes – Geoffery Grimmet

My personal opinion:

G.S.Grewal is useful for basic probability, numerical methods and calculus. Kenneth Rosen is pretty comprehensive for all other topics. The third book will take you very deep into probability theory, which will always be helpful for future, but might not be exactly required for GATE.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post any feedback / queries. Will try and update the blog more frequently in coming weeks! Laters! 🙂


18 Responses to “Preparing Maths for GATE, CS”

  1. Abhishek Says:

    thank you for your opinion.
    it will help me a lot.
    but can you tell me about any useful website which help me in the preparation of GATE?
    and i am joining a correspondence course by trump and gates.
    is it good or not?
    please help me.

    • Hi Abhishek.

      I have no idea about the trump and gates course. But I had joined GateForum mock gate test series and it helped me a lot. Besides, ACE academy in Hyderabad is good for GATE coaching.

      For preparing GATE, i guess you should focus more on standard books rather than online material. There are good orkut communities for GATE CS, which are very active. You can post your doubts there and also try and solve ques that others have posted.

      Best Luck! 🙂

      • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

        @Abhishek – I forgot to mention, there are amazing online courses available at NPTEL all recorded video lectures from profs at IITs. I plan to blog separately about it. In meantime, you may want to check that site. 🙂

  2. vasanth Says:

    great that u started posting on ur preparations for GATE.It helps alot!!.

  3. vasanth Says:

    and also the author of higher engg maths is b.s.grewal or g.s.grewal?

  4. vasanth Says:

    can v use kenneth rosen for graph theory also?

  5. pratap Says:


    I am preparing all by myself and would like to know about placements at kanpur. I know the data is available but since you are there i think you can tell better.

    Although a course at this level is for car3er in research or acadamics or for moving abroad to some foreign univerity, i am not interestd in any of the above. So for me the only reason is the placement. Specifically what the criteria is, whether everyone gets to participate in the process and what kind of profiles are on offer( as compared to the i’ve heard cos dont give any value to and subsequently they end up getting lower profikes n packages than guys ).

    There one more thing that i am confused about.currently my preparation is revolving around two core areas. First chunk is NM-DM-TOC-ALGO-DS and rest of the topics form the second chunk. I am dividing time equally among you think this is a nice idea vis a vis the weitage of these topics in the exam? What u advic3 on this?

    And one last thing,do u hv ny link 4 last yr’s mock practise tests and solutions? I think i am going to need some 20 odd tests.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for maintaing this very informative page.

    • Hi Pratap.

      I understand that you are only focussed on placements (and mostly want good package). When I prepared for GATE I had exact same attitude. So, let me first give you some stats:

      Regarding placements – In year 2009-10 according to what i know, 27 MTech students from about 30-32 got packages in range 8 – 12 LPA. All good companies that you may want to work with visit IIT K campus. As far as i know, Tower Research offers highest package for CS (around 18). MTech students are eligible but none of them usually get selected. But MTech students do get placed in Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel etc.

      But again, if you forget the package part, I would say IIT K has much more to offer. I am almost in middle of my First semester and I can say, I have learnt more concepts here than would have in 1 or 2 years at BTech. We gain a very different perspective at looking at things and most importantly, we start enjoying studying. Because, here you can not get any credit if you have not internalized all concepts.. So thats the basic difference between studying at private college and IIT.

      As far as companies are concerned, you will realize that the job profile offered after you pass out from IIT is far better than the one which any BTech grad from private college can have. So, IIT K will offer you much much more than placements! 🙂

    • On the point that – “There is no value to MTech guys compared to BTech”

      It is both true and false. Of course, BTech students are more sharper and obviously more intelligent as they have cleared JEE exam and proved they are cream of India. They also get IIT exposure for 2 more years than MTech students.

      But there is NO BIAS in selection of BTech and MTech students in most companies. It totally depends on how you perform during selection, and BTech guys usually out perform MTech students!

      But some companies offer higher packages to MTech students than BTech. And there are so many of them that you are bound to get placed somewhere good.

      And last point – even if you are inferior compared to IIT BTechs after 2 years here, you will be much superior than non IIT Btechs!

      Hope you got the point..

  6. pratap Says:

    Thanks a ton for clearing out the doubts. I guess i should just focus on my preparation now and hope to get into IIT first before worrying about such details. 🙂

  7. shubhangi Says:

    hi 🙂

    m doin Btech (CSE) from a private college. i got it through AIEEE.
    usualy students go 4 MBA ,4 some of them 4 yrs of btech are good enuf they say they dont want to go 4 two more years doin mtech 😀
    but since i thoroughly enjoy al the cs subjects so iav decided to go 4 mtech….
    as far my doubt about the packages was concernd . . . u av alredy cleared it ! But still….
    I had a stupid doubt but i hope ul help me out!!!!
    Is it hard to maintain urself in iit.. i mean is that the STANDARDS are too high or nething as such !!!!!!?????????

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Thats a really good question!

      I wont lie.. The standards are really high. At the start of I Semester, you will find it really tough because you are not only competing against fellow MTech students, but BTechs also as they are allowed to take you same subjects as us…

      And believe me, they are brilliant. So, it does take some time to get used to the amount of self study that is needed to compete here..

      We dont have more that 12 hrs classes per week, rest you have to study mostly on your own. But once you get used to it you will start enjoying the competition.

      The method of teaching and the assignments is just awesome.. And since you will have cleared GATE to come here, you are expected to be capable of coping with the HIGH STANDARDS! 😀

      Hope it answers your question!

  8. Rajesh Says:


    Iam thinking of doing mtech in bitspilani this year but how far is iit better than bits?(im also thinking of doing 1 year coaching for gate)so is it worth it or if am able to get bits should i join?

  9. Ayan Says:

    Hi, I have got an AIR of 369 and a score of 774 in GATE 2011 in CS. Could you please tell me whether I can expect an Interview call from IITK?

    If yes, then how should I prepare for the written test held by IITK?

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