NPTEL – Learn from the best

September 8, 2010

National Programme for Technology Enhanced Learning is one of the best online resources for leaning from the best faculty in India. For preparing GATE, there are courses for almost all subjects. Following list courses can be pretty useful for your preparation, apart from the standard textbooks itself. Main advantage is you can fast forward the things you know, while repeatedly listen concepts that are difficult!

Subject Lectures Teacher

Data Structures and Algorithms 36 Prof. Naveen Garg
Discrete Structures 40 Prof. Kamala
Computer Networks 40 Prof. Sujoy Ghosh
Computer Architecture 38 Prof. Anshul Kumar
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 34 IIT B Faculty
Software Engineering 39 IIT B Faculty
Database Design 43 Prof. Srinath, Prof. Janakiram
Digital Circuits and Systems 40 Prof. Srinivasan
Mathematics II 24 IIT Roorkee
Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming 38 Sunil Kumar

I loved the way Prof. Naveen Garg teaches DS and Algos. Absolutely amazing way to explain things. There are many other courses not mentioned here that you might want to try too. Best Luck! 🙂


2 Responses to “NPTEL – Learn from the best”

  1. vasanth Says:

    i will check them out.thank u.keep writing on gate.

  2. saquib Says:

    this site can be a great help for GATE aspirants..specially for students who dont have access to good teachers.

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