Ping… Hi Blog!

November 17, 2010


Its been ages since I blogged! This is just to tell my blog, that I am still there! 😀 That has nothing to do with studies though.. Its plain and simple… Ive become too lazy! 😛 Anyways. I hope to spare some time from my laziness in future and blog more frequently!

I have written too many posts in the past about how to prepare for GATE to get into IITs and related stuff.. Now I am almost at the end of my first semester and the experience has been awesome for the most part! I will try to post more on that later..

I have just given my first end sem paper.. There are 3 more to go. We did not have time to breathe during Mid Sem exams (Once I had to write 3 papers in 24 hrs!). But now I have holidays for almost all papers and so here I am spending time lavishly.. (i.e BLOGGING!)

I will surely put up more on the exams at IITs (thats one scary thing) and the side-effects of that!

Till then.. Laters!


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