Contribution to pgRouting

December 8, 2010

Its semester holidays @IIT kanpur and I am enjoying the stay at home! Meanwhile, I have found a really interesting pass-time. The pgRouting project!

I got introduced to pgRouting when I was working at Location Guru, we used to call some routing plsql function of postgres that were implemented using pgRouting, and even then I was fascinated with the things inside it. Now I am getting the chance to get into the inner details and learn a host of other technologies.

Basically, in order to contribute to pgRouting, you need to learn:

  • C++ STL and Templates
  • Boost Graph Library
  • postgreSQL and postGIS basics
  • plsql
  • cmake

Its amazing how many small things are needed to make a nice tool. That is I guess the power of open-source and collaboration!  I will keep updating the things I explore as I try to put these holidays to some use (though I keep on finding new innovative ways to waste time!). I do need to think on what thesis topic I will work on pretty soon too!



2 Responses to “Contribution to pgRouting”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Just found you blog and found it interesting to see what you’re doing.

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