GATE CSE Preparation FAQ

December 14, 2010

I have blogged about GATE preparation quite a lot, and I keep on getting common questions.  I will try to answer some of them here. Most points will be reiterated and available widely on internet. It always helps to use GOOGLE! 😀

When should one start GATE preparation?

Well, GATE tests your basic concepts. Those you should build right throughout your undergraduate college days. Basically, you should go through all the standard textbook material and try to understand the concepts. If you are serious for GATE, it is sufficient to start its preparation, 6 to 8 months before the exam, revising all the concepts one by one. If you start studies anytime before it will be added bonus! It will always help if you have understood the basics when you were actually taking the course itself!

What are the important subjects for CSE?

All subjects are important! But again you need not study each and every concept in depth. Pick up 5 to 6 subjects that are your favorite ones and concentrate on them. Discrete Maths, Algorithms, OS, Data Structures,TOC are must according to me. You may leave one or two subjects as you dont need to score 100/100! (I had not prepared for compilers very thoroughly)

What order should we study the subjects?

Discrete MATHS – it should be the first one knocked off.. It forms the basics of all other subjects. Then you may study according to your personal likes. Algorithms and DS is a good choice after that!

What books to follow?

Check out this post

How to prepare for Maths Part?

Check out this post

What are the cutoffs for various IITs/IISC?

Check out this post

What about Gate Coaching?

Classroom coaching – I guess it is not needed. Again it  depends on individuals and their study techniques. But, i seriously doubt how much a crash course can help! (Again it is my personal opinion)

Test Series?

GATEForum test series is a very good practice and most of the serious gate contenders go for that. It gives you a nice idea of where you stand, and your actual GATE score is often very similar to your Gateforum test series scores. So, it will help to take them seriously and get the hand of what to expect from GATE exam.


NOTE – If you have any specific queries, post them as questions and I will try and append them as FAQ here!


DISCLAIMER: The answers to the questions are my own thoughts and everyone must make sure they gather more info from other reliable and experienced resources too..


12 Responses to “GATE CSE Preparation FAQ”

  1. gate_aspirant Says:

    nice post.
    I felt few topics in maths like generating functions,numerical methods,random variables,calculus are least emphasized in GATE. whats ur take on this?

  2. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    Hi gate_aspirant,

    In maths(leaving aside discrete maths), I think most important topics are linear algebra, numerical methods that too just newton-raphson, falso position method etc, and probability theory which includes random variables. These things will be used daily if you land up in IIT..
    In calculus part you may want to brush up differentiation and maxima,minima etc (leave integration).
    Generating functions – again you may skip, but make sure you go thru recurrences and the Master theorem..

    Best luck.

  3. Rohit Says:

    Hi Jay Mahadeokar,

    I am Rohit in final year (from ggsipu university) also a GATE aspirant, but when i decided to appear for GATE it was too late (JAN 2011), so i couldn’t really prepare well for 2011 GATE. I expect to qualify GATE but not with good marks.

    The problem: I have accenture job letter. So, i have 2 options either to drop an year for GATE or to join company…
    I do not want to be in research or teaching career. but just a degree from a good reputed college. And, I love algorithms, data structure and i am good at programming.

    So, kindly suggest me if it is worth dropping an year for GATE or to increase no of years of experience… coz even if i qualify GATE(in 2012) i would have lost 3years of experience at end of my M. Tech…

    Thank You!

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi, Rohit,

      Firstly, regarding job, almost all students who come to IIT for MTech, are placed in good companies during BTech, but in my opinion, those jobs are not even comparable to what you will learn in IITs.. 🙂

      If you want to take drop for one year, that completely depends on you. If ur confident that ul crack GATE next year, then u should go for it. Your 3 years will not get wasted since, IIT MTech is much better than 3 yr experience in any service based company.

      Once u pass out, you will land up job in good product based company (if you maintain good CPI during MTech) .

      So, decision is upto you.
      Best luck!

  4. Vaishali Says:

    hello sir,
    I would like to first of all ask you that where you pursued your from?Secondly, my doubt is that is there a difference in oursuing the M.Tech in IT or in CS.
    Sir, I am currently in 3rd year of my btech,from ggsipu.I am currently pursuing my btech in IT stream so does it affect my selection for admission in M.Tech.

    I appeared in gate 2011 in cs branch,just for the sake of experiencing the exam pattern.Though,I had not prepared much for it,so I don’t have any expectations this time.But,surely would love to clear it and get admission into IIT in 2012.

    Sir,I would request you to kindly guide me how should I start my preparation for GATE 2012.
    Also I was thinking of joining some institute at weekends for preparation.I put up in Delhi,can u suggest which are the best ones?

    SORRY for a big post but would be really grateful if u solve my doubts.
    Waiting eagerly for your answer…..
    Thanks in advance

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Vaishali,

      I did my BTech from SRKNEC,Nagpur. IT and CS are now equivalent for GATE qualification. Only difference as far as i know is IT does not have TOC and compilers in BTech course. So, those are the topics you need to study additionally.

      For preparing GATE 2012, refer standard books and understand the concepts. I have blogged about most things I know that would help already in the above post.

      I dont think coaching is necessary. If you want to join, then inquire about the same in Delhi, I have no idea since I did not join coaching.

      Best luck.

  5. nitin Says:

    hello sir, i completed b.e. in electrical engineering but i wanna take gate in cs. I m dumb in electrical but on other hand i m passionate n very much interested for cs n i feel cs is easier instead of ee for me to crack gate. Plz u suggest me what to do. Thanks.

  6. aditya Says:

    sir i am eight semester(final year) student of cs branch please tell me how should i prepare for gate 2012,whether i should drop or not.
    is there any consideration in the year gap after

  7. Mukund Says:

    Helo sir, i am from it branch. I have almost dropped 2 years for GATE, still not selected in iits, also not in top nits. What to do further , i want to do mtech from iit or top nits only. Should i take another drop.
    Please suggest me anyone?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      @Mukund – I think that should be your decision. Depends on what you and your family want.

  8. Ayushi Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am currently pursuing my Btech in CSE and am presently in my 5th sem.Can you please tell me how does the 2 year validation of score card works?…I mean if I get a decent percentile in my 3rd year and a fresher scores da same in his 4th year,will he be given a preference?….In which year should one give da exam…3rd year or 4th year?

  9. Ayushi Says:

    Hello Sir,

    In which year one should appear for Gate…3rd year or 4th year…and how does the 2 year score validation works?

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