IITK Hall – 4, Second home!

January 17, 2011

In IIT Kanpur, we call hostels – Halls of Residence. I live in Hall-4 and it is one of the most beautiful places where you can wish to live. The following quote taken directly from the new Hall-4 website.

Almost centrally located amongst the student hostels of IIT Kanpur, Hall 4 enjoys a unique repute of having most of the distinguished alumni of the institute as its ex-residents. The spirit of Hall 4 lies in its policy of social activism, intellectual contribution and the diverse tapestry of cultural fragrance. Said to possess some of the most forthright group of students, the Hall has in the past taken major social initiatives and proposed solutions to the institute regarding various issues including the proposal of a new mess model. The Hall is proud to have the student gymkhana constitution being modelled after its own constitution.

The hustle and bustle that goes on in the Hall quad goes on to late nights and sometimes even very early mornings, accompanied by sips of tea and coffee in the Hall 4 canteen. A very different and focused group of students carry on playing shots at the Billiard room, which is the only such facility in any of the student hostels of the institute. While the residents of the Hall have taken patents for their research work and contribute to various symposiums, conferences and journals in academics, an interdisciplinary camaraderie is also seen amongst the residents of the hall.

Things which I like here?

  • Mess Food – It is awesome. Before coming here I had heard stories of people describing how ugly hostel food is. Believe me, I love it here. (Specially Friday night). Have a look into the Hall 4 Mess menu. (mouth watering :P)
  • Facilities – You name any sport and you can play it here. Facilities are really awesome. Since it is the oldest hostel in IITK, it does not have the modern spacious feel to it as some of the newer halls do, but still I like it!
  • Canteen – If you ever get bored of mess food, you have the canteen! Beautifully located near the lawn, it is the perfect place to have the “DPs” after midnight! All the birthday celebrations and the GPLs are done here. Special mention to Ranjit who brings the DP and the new “Rahul”. 😛


PS: I will duly remove the above quotes if I am not allowed to copy the content here. Please mention it as a comment.


7 Responses to “IITK Hall – 4, Second home!”

  1. gate_aspirant Says:

    Hi,how about rooms n bathrooms in d hostel.n how many
    ppl in a room?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      @gate_aspirant – LOL! Those things are good too.. Neat clean and well maintained! Rooms are spacious and for PG students it is one person per room. Some UG students do share rooms though..

      PS: If you will take admission in 2011 for MTech in CSE, you will get Hall-8 and not Hall-4. These are rotated for batches! 🙂

      • gate_aspirant Says:

        i really dont care man whether its hall4 or 8.people r ready to give their leg n arms for a seat in IITK!.

        • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

          🙂 Thats true.. Best luck for the GATE Exam. Dont aim too high. Score in region of 55-60 will guarantee you atleast an interview call at IITK. 60+ will most probably give you direct admission!

          • gate_aspirant Says:

            thanks man.at my present preparation level,55-60 is appearing too high.bt i ll try my best.

  2. sumit Says:

    abe.. gate ki coaching v start krdi tune… likha acha hai.. ye randomized se ekdum se itna pyar kyun?? delicious links mei v dala hai…

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      @sumit – Delicious links is the feed from the online bookmarks that I have stored at delicious.com. I had even forgotten about that!
      Gate ka to aise hi experience likha hai 😛

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