Gate 2011 cutoff queries

February 16, 2011

Hi guys,

Gate 2011 finished off 3 days ago, and it seems a the number of people aspiring for IITs this year is HUGE!  Since the answer keys have been put up by various coaching institutes, people have a fair idea about ther GATE marks.

To my surprise, there has been unexpected traffic to my blog post  IITs and Gate Cutoff Story 2010 written way back in May 2010!  🙂 (More than 1000 hits in last 4 days.. Seriously! Nobody used to wonder here before! :P)

I am really happy to see the enthusiasm among the students to know what chance they have for getting admissions into the top Colleges in India. But I would still tell all you guys to wait before the actual GATE result is out, (which will not be until 2nd week of March!) before you really start thinking about where to take admission.

If you still have any doubts, I will be happy to answer your queries to the best of my knowledge. Please note that I am from CSE department, and dont know much about cut-offs of other departments. You are welcome to post your queries here or at the above mentioned blog post as comments!

Best Luck! 🙂


265 Responses to “Gate 2011 cutoff queries”

  1. gate_aspirant Says:

    getting 56 in an easy paper(CS),do I have any hope for a seat in IITs?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Well last year paper was also easy, so according to that trend, 56 would fetch you a call for interview / written tests in IITKanpur, Kgp, Delhi, Roorkee. No call from IITB or Chennai.

      Wait until you get your AIR. This year it might change and maybe you can even get calls from IITB! 🙂

      Best luck!

      • NIkhil M Says:

        I have a valid score of 507 in ME and my rank is 2741. I am in General category. What are the chances that I get admission to NIT? Shall I dare(:P) to apply to top 5 NITs in core feild.

  2. Vijay Shankar Dwivedi Says:

    Hi Jay,
    thanks for posting this nice article. I m expecting 60+ in gate ece, what are my prospects for direct admission to aerospace or electrical in iitk .

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      I guess you should get calls from most IITs.. not sure about direct admission though. For CS, last year direct admissions closed around 62. May be different for ECE.

      Wait for the result!

      Best luck!

  3. rohit Says:


  4. rohit Says:

    hi i am expecting 44 marks in cs in gate 2011 . can i get into iit’s. please suggest other good colleges in which i can get

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Rohit,

      I dont think you can get into IITs. Maybe some NITs might call you. NIT Suratkal, Trichi, Warangal are decent options.

      • jaanvi Says:

        u know what i got 42 marks (cs)obc category…
        i am shortlisted for iiit banglore but not for iiitpune.
        now i am not undrestanding for which nit should i apply


    hi i am expecting 33.05 marks in mechanical background is there any chance of getting aerospace course in iit’s

  6. Md Tabish Jamil Says:

    Hi I m geetting 44 in gate 2011.Can I get digital communication in IITs

  7. Md Tabish Jamil Says:

    Sorry, I m form E&C, and I m getting 44 in gate2011.Can i get communication field in any IITs

  8. rahul Says:

    Hi, I appeared in gat 2011 (CS) and expecting 52 marks i belong to SC category. can i get IITs on this score?
    Thank you

  9. Ashish Mangal Says:

    hi i am expecting 32 marks in cs background is there any chance of getting nit

  10. shivam bansal Says:

    hi, i appeared in gate 2011(cs) and expecting 61.7(gen).
    do u think that i have chance to get iitk either direct or via interview???

  11. venkatesh Says:

    am getting 35 marks in there any chance to me to get into state universities or vit(deemed universities)pls reply pls

  12. shruti Says:

    hi m gttng 25 marks in cs.will i b able to qualify ggate in general category.n if yes dan which college?

  13. varun Says:

    hello sir
    kaise hon
    sir mere ko ye puchna tha ki sir i am in third year and i appeared in gate 2011 cse this year and expecting 28 marks this year in cse ,so kindly tell me whether i am going to qualify this year or not
    aur is baar ki expected cutoff kya hogi cs ki
    thanx in advance..

  14. Eswar Says:

    Hi jay! i expect 40.326/100 in cs paper! can i at-least get into an NIT! what is the min percentile they call in for..
    I am in third year,will i be eligible candidate now?

  15. gate@29 Says:

    just wanted to ask as to how many marks in Gate2011 would be sufficient enough to Just Qualify GATE(get a score card) in CS under general category…becoz last year it was around 25 marks..??

  16. Bharath Says:

    I am expecting 50.33 in Mech GATE 2011.What are my chances getting top NIT’s…..any chances for IIT’s?
    Since the paper was relatively easier this year will it be a tough chance for my score?

  17. kanya Says:

    I m expecting 13 marks in IT GATE 2011..Should i will get the score card??

  18. sonal mishra Says:

    i got 33.03 marks in gate 2011 cse(gen) can i qualify(just get a score card)???
    can u please suggest me some colleges………

  19. abhi Says:

    m getting a score of 26(cs) in obc category
    will i get any iit ,dce or iiit

  20. nishtha Says:

    i m expecting 25 marks in IT gen category. what r the chances of score card? Shuld i get admission in some good college?

  21. imran Says:

    i’m expecting around 65 marks in EC what are my chances
    of getting m tech seat in iit with out interview, coz my communication skills are not that good…

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Sorry, I have no idea about your branch. But comm skill is not a problem usually. Ur concepts should be clear. Proffs here cannot be bluffed with good comm skills.

  22. deepak parekh Says:

    i am expecting 47 marks in cs.Can you please suggest me some good colleges in which i can get admission?

  23. niti Says:

    i m expecting 27 marks in gate cs..
    am i gonna get score card?

  24. i am expecting 71.33 in gate 2011 cs tell me what rank could i expect and if i could get into iisc or iit

  25. sivaramasastry Says:

    i am getting 46 marks in gate 2011 (cse), can i get in any iits , IIITs . what is best option for me ? please tell me

  26. sarah Says:

    I am getting 40 marks in gate cs(bc category).can i expect any north indian nit’s.

  27. jaanvi Says:

    I am getting 40 marks in gate cs(obc category).can i expect any nit?

  28. sandeep Says:

    sir m getting around 45 marks in cs 2011.may i get admission in nit kurukshetra.what can be my score or %ile.

  29. dp Says:

    hey jay.. thanks for that post. M expecting 53 marks in GATE CS 2011. I belong to OBC. what are my chances of getting into IITs.

  30. dp Says:

    And i have the strangest of all fears.. I did my engineering in ECE but appeared for a gate CS. Will IITs accept me ..????

  31. varun Says:

    sir plz mere ko ye batao ki agar koi banda gate just qualify karta hai to uski round about percentile kya banti hai..
    aur about kaun se clg milte hain
    aur sir ye batao ki hbti kanpur kis percentile par mil jata hain cs ke liye…
    thanz in advance..

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Varun, I dont have any idea about these colleges. Sorry. I think if you are planning to do MTech, then aim for IITs or best of NITs. Else its not worth much. Go for job instead.

      • varun Says:

        sir mere ko ye batao ki mujhe mba karna chahiye ya mtech or job
        bcoz in our clg there is good placement
        avg package is 3.25 in my clg..
        plz guide me i am little bit confused
        thanx in advance..

        • Depends on your liking. Each person should choose his own field. 🙂 Go for mtech only if your very very interested in technical stuff.

          As per job, avg package in IIT Kanpur MTech CSE this year was surely above 8 acc to info given to me by my seniors. So, decide for yourself.

  32. Satish Agarwal Says:

    Hi jay,
    i am expecting a score of 51 in this year gate. I am from cse branch. From your replies i gather that i dont have much chance for direct admissions so is there a chance to get into iit’s thru interviews?During the interviews do they dig in deep for concepts or just ask the basics.? Thanks in advance 🙂

  33. Suruchi Says:

    Hi..Thanks for your article.I am form CS dept.I am expecting a score of 60-65 in gate 2011.Do I have any chance of getting IITs? As the paper was relatively easier last last year so I am expecting high cutt off this time.

  34. Aditya Mehta Says:

    Sir, M expecting 65 in GATE 2011 (CS paper). What are my chancesof getting into IISC? Which IITs cani get through direct admission and which one through interview?

  35. Prateek Yadav Says:

    Hi,Thanks for these articles
    i belong from CS & attempted for GATE 2011 i belong from OBC category & i m expecting 62-64 marks
    what are my chances of getting Direct Admi. in IISc & IITs.
    ALso, plz suggest forthe interviews
    Thanks again

  36. @Aditya and Prateek,

    Please be patient and wait for results. Just 2 weeks to go for that I guess! 🙂 Then feel free to ask your questions once you know your exact AIR. You will have plenty of time to prepare for interview after that.

  37. pooja Says:

    hello sir.
    i m expecting 25 marks(cs branch).
    can i expect for any nit.
    plz suggest ,should i try next year again?

  38. Priyanka Says:

    sir, i m expecting gate score around 45..(3rd yr cse)
    i had given exam without any preparation & was sick too..if i seriously prepared for gate…can i get an increement of 20-25 marks…i just wanna know ur views about it…

  39. Rajesh kumar Says:

    i got 27.08 marks in gate 2011 ME i belongs sc cat can i take admission in any nit

  40. Viswa Says:

    I expect 35 marks in GATE 2011 CS. I am from general category. It would be very helpful if you will let me know some decent institutions that I can go ahead for applying with this score. Though need not be accurate, please share your views regarding my query. Also let me know if my score is sufficient for applying in DIAT, Pune institute for M.Tech, CS. Thanks.

    • Sorry, I have no idea about these colleges.

      • Viswa Says:

        DIAT is DRDO’s recognized training centre.
        M.Tech in Cyber-security is conducted by DIAT.
        Since I am not sure if my score is valid enough
        to apply for this course, it will be helpful if you
        can get any sort of info regarding this.

        Also, plz let me know what good institutes I can
        expect with my estimated score of 35. This is
        my first GATE attempt and I have less idea
        regarding admissions. Thanks for your help.

        • Hi, with 35 you dont have any chance for IITs. For other colleges / DIAT i have no idea. Maybe you should contact some Gate coaching center which provides post GATE guidance.. like Gate forum.

  41. Rajesh Says:


    Iam thinking of doing mtech in bitspilani this year but how far is iit better than bits?(im also thinking of doing 1 year coaching for gate)so is it worth it or if am able to get bits should i join?

  42. chetan Says:

    m getting 38 marks. what are my chances for NIT’s…..

  43. goutam das Says:

    hey jai!
    i am expecting 39 marks in cs branch in 2011 gate exam. i am a sc category student and mca passout in 2010, with physics(hons)in my Bsc backgron. can i expect IITs ????? if not then what colleges i can expect?? please reply…..

  44. V S Dwivedi Says:

    Hi please suggest me any active blogger like you in ece at iitk

  45. sunil Says:

    I expect 53 marks in GATE 2011 CS. nit trichy ya warangal me direct admission k chance he ya waha par interview phase karna parega

  46. rahul Says:

    Hi sir, pls tell me specializations in CS preference wise? what is your specialization at IIT-K
    an dalso pls tell colleges to prefer for that specialization. thnak you very much sir

  47. Sir i wil score 22 in gate 2011 in cs & me from obc category.i want to knw whether i wil get nit hamirpur,(h.p)

  48. shobhit gupta Says:

    After reading so many quiers i just can not help but to write a newer one.
    I am having 2 yrs of experience in research and developement from C-DAC and also 2 motnhs in IBM. But i decided to go for higher studies and resigned there. I am expecting 40 + score from cse (general).
    Will there be any advantage to my experience. Can i expect IIT..!!!

  49. neeraj Says:

    can everyone who is gate qualified will be eligible for scholarship, my gate score is 30.66(3rd year) and if i take admission in any aicte approved college, will i be able to get scholarship or not?

  50. ananth Says:

    hi sir
    I am expecting 38.5 in gate 2011(cse)…. Can u suggest wer can i get a seat

  51. rahul Says:

    Hi, sir i got 50.67 marks in CS GATE 2011 my AIR is 1484, GATE score is 640 i belong to SC category? will i get any of the IITs

  52. Harish Iyer Says:

    Thank you for elaborating answering queries. I wrote Gate 2011 CS and i got 67 marks and a rank of 175. Can u please answer me these

    1) Is there any possibility of getting directly in IIT Kanpur.If no what are the subjects to prepare for interview

    2) Which all other IITs can i get direct admission

    I will be really grateful if you can answer these

    • You might get direct admit in IIT D, Roorkee and guwahati, but im not sure.

      For IITK prepare probability, linear algebra, DS and algos, OS, TOC. Probablity and combinatorics is very imp.

  53. shivam bansal Says:

    59 marks 562 rank
    any chances

  54. Hi Jay
    I got 390 gate score and a rank of 11713 in EC out of 137853 appeared and got a marks of 32.33 Out of 100 and elgi marks is 26.11. Is there any chance i may get a seat in any of the NITs or top colleges in INDIA. Or i leave trying for and try for a job instead?? waiting for your reply

    • akhilesh Says:

      i hving the same situation
      390 gate score n 32.33 marks…
      rank is 11713 ……..
      hw it is possible?????

  55. shivam bansal Says:

    59 marks 562 rank 741 score
    any chances for iit?

  56. sonal mishra Says:

    hi i got a gate score of 392 and my air is 11385 in cse can u please suggest me some colleges……

  57. C.Mahesh Says:

    Hi i got 44.33 marks and 562 score, obc . I have 1 year experience . Is there a chance i will get call from any iit’s or nit’s.
    If yes which nit’s

  58. ravi ranjan Says:

    hello sir…my air is 3497 & gate score- 542, marks- 42.67. i m of cs branch & general category. plz… tell me which college can i get. (iit,nit,iiit(???

  59. sunita Says:

    marks =24
    gate score=315

    plz help me
    where can i apply for mtech in cs branch.

  60. sunita Says:

    marks =24
    gate score=315
    general categor
    plz help me
    where can i apply for mtech in cs branch.

  61. amarnath Says:

    i hav got AIR 831..and my scr is 705..and i belong to OBC category and i’m a 3rd year cse student ….What are my prospects of getting into any of the IIT”S?
    is there any scope of getting interview calls from IIT’s!!!!!!!!

  62. shubhi Says:

    hi i hav got 43.67 marks
    n air 3165 gen category
    what should i expect

  63. Ashish Says:

    HELLO sir,

    i am ashish kumar student of 3rd year with eee
    i m in gen category
    i have got 25.33 marks but cutoff is 26.08
    will gate scorecard issue for me?
    can i get admission in any clg?

  64. Md Mohibul Rehman Says:

    HELLO sir,

    i have got 28 marks in EE with gate score 345 and AIR is 8011. what is my scope .wil i get any nits.

  65. Md Mohibul Rehman Says:

    HELLO sir,

    i have got 28 marks in EE with gate score 345 and AIR is 8011. what is my scope .wil i get any nits n i m in gen category

  66. jaanvi Says:

    my 2011 gate score is 526 ,41.33 marks and i am from cs branch belonging to obc category
    which college i may get…can i aspect any nit…
    can u pls provide me the list of govt clgs which i may get. pls pls pls

  67. suryanarayan Says:

    i have secured 41.33 mark in gate 2011 for mechanical engg.. is there any possibility of getting a nit seat..

  68. vinay chauhan Says:

    i have got 32.67 marks in ME. plz give regading a good college.

  69. Madhur Tiwari Says:

    i have got 46 marks in ME belonging to gen category. plz give regading a good college.

  70. Aditya Says:

    Sir, I have secured 59.67 marks, AIR- 502, Score – 749.
    What are my chances of getting through IIT?? Which IITs can I get? Can I get a direct admission or will I have to face any interview??

  71. anu Says:

    i have got 35(421 gate score) any chance for NITS!!!

  72. Vandna Says:

    Sir, I have secured 37 marks, AIR- 6159, Score- 473. Which colleges can I get? Which colleges should I apply for? What are my chances of getting M.S. in any good college? Is M.S. better than

  73. Hi guys,

    This is a common reply to all.

    For CSE, if you have AIR > 1000 forget about IITs. If you have AIR < 2000, some NITs might be possible. I have no info on that.

    For any other score, I cant tell you which college you will get since I have info on only IIT Kanpur.

    For any other branch besides Computer Science I dont have any information. So, I can answer any questions regarding your branch.

  74. One more thing, for cuttoffs to different colleges, contact Gateforum or other institutions, they have more info. They have something called postgateguide..

  75. Vyas Says:

    I have got an AIR of 585 in CSE, can i apply for IIT Kanpur?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      You should apply. I am not 100% sure if you will get a call. You will surely get called for IIT Kgp and Roorkee.

  76. Aditya Says:

    Sir, I have secured 59.67 marks, AIR- 502, Score – 749.
    What are my chances of getting through IIT?? Which IITs can I get? Can I get a direct admission or will I have to face any interview??

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      You wont get direct admission. Will get calls for interview. PLease read previous comments. I have replied to such questions already!

  77. sree Says:

    Marks Obtained: 36.67 Out of 100
    GATE Score: 469
    All India Rank: 6368(oc) which gud coll’s i can apply??
    can i get in any nit’s??

  78. Vigya Sharma Says:

    My AIR is 126 and Gate score is 859. What colleges can i expect to get an admission in?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      You will get calls from all IITs atleast for interview. IITB and IITM not sure. Still apply everywhere.

      • Vigya Sharma Says:

        Thanks a lot.
        i also wanted to know if i could get a direct admission in any of the iits? Also how are the placements for mtechs at various iits. which ones should i prefer higher while considering placements??

        • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

          I dont thin you will get direct admit. But still hope for best. Placements are really good everywhere. Acc to my pref – i would go for IITB > IIT K > IIT D > IIT M > IIT Kgp > IIT Roorkee.

          Thats my personal choice. Do ur own research..

  79. dev Says:

    hyi sir….i got 23 marks in gate 2011 in electrical and belongs to sc category….can i get any nit….plz tell me..(^_^)

  80. krishna Says:

    Hi, I appeared in gat 2011 (CS) and got 60 marks i belong to obc category. my rank is 482 and percentile is 99.64%
    can i get direct admission in IITs on this score?
    if yes which? what are the possibilities plz helm me.iam no knowledge
    Thank you

  81. Rinku Maurya Says:

    Sir,I have scored 45.33 in Gate 2011,i am from ECE branch.what are my options and what would be better??

    Thanks in Advance

  82. sneha Says:

    AIR 1340 in GATE 2011
    score 652 CSE
    any chance of iits?? iit kgp??

  83. Amit Meher Says:

    Hi..I got AIR 286 and score 794 in GATE 2011 CS.Can I get call from IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi? Should I apply for them?

  84. santosh Says:

    sir i got AIR 677 and my gate score is 706.will i get admissions in any IIT’S? atleast in NIT trichy or warangal?

  85. prasad Says:

    Hi.. i got a rank of 2000 and gate score of 595..I belong to OBC category.. can i get an interview call for 3 year mtech course ..??
    Please do reply ..

  86. Subhajit Saha Says:


    I appeared for the GATE 2011 and scored as follows:
    a) CS :
    b) Gate Score: 339
    c) Marks obtain : 26
    d) All India Rank: 17003
    f)Category: SC.

    Kindly inform me whether I am eligible to apply in any good colleges to study M.Tech in West Bengal.

    Thanking You,

    Subhajit Saha

  87. Namratha Says:


    I got a GATE 2011 score of 688 and AIR of 946.Any prospects of getting into IIT or IISc ? What is the difference between ME and MTech programs offered by IISc ?

    Thanks in advance ..

  88. raghu Says:

    hi sir, i got 11713(ec) rank in gate am a general category student whre can i get seat

  89. SHASHI Says:


    I appeared for the GATE 2011 and scored as follows:
    a) CS :
    b) Gate Score: 318
    c) Marks obtain : 24.33
    d) All India Rank: 19725
    f)Category: OBC.

    Kindly inform me whether I am eligible to apply in any good colleges to study M.Tech in PEC(CHANDIGARH),NIT HAMIRPUR,NIT JALANDHAR

    Thanking You

    • Nandish Says:

      hi shashi isnt it very STRANGE my name is nandish and I appeared for the GATE 2011 in CS branch, Gate Score: 318, Marks obtain : 24.33, All India Rank: 19725, Category: OBC.

      how come we both have same rank and category
      i think you have seen my result…

  90. Sahil Madhu Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I appeared for the GATE 2011 and scored as follows:

    a) Branch : CS
    b) GATE Score: 323
    c) Marks obtain : 24.67
    d) All India Rank: 19127
    f) Category: General

    Kindly inform me whether I am eligible to apply in any good colleges to study M.Tech in Nirma University or L D College Of Engineering in Gujarat.

    Thanking You,
    Sahil Madhu.

  91. prerna Says:


    I appeared for the GATE 2011 and scored as follows:
    a) CS :
    b) Gate Score: 489
    c) Marks obtain : 38.33
    d) All India Rank: 5404
    f)Category: general.
    Kindly inform me whether I am eligible to apply in any good colleges to study M.Tech

  92. prashant Says:

    Hi sir. i scored 33.33 marks in gate2011(cs) exam and my air is 8539 and Gate score is 428.Can I get government college for mtech.

  93. prashant Says:

    Hi sir. i scored 33.33 marks in gate2011(cs)in general category exam and my air is 8539 and Gate score is 428.Can I get government college for mtech.

  94. neha Says:

    Hi sir. i scored 32 marks in gate2011(cs) exam and my air is 9745 in general category and Gate score is 412.Can I get government college for mtech.

  95. PREM SUTHAR Says:

    hi jay
    i hv got 43.67 marks in gate-xl 2011
    AIR 916
    plz guide me for what to do further

  96. pruthvi Says:

    i scored 39.67 and my gate score is 476(ECE) what r the options that are avilable for me?
    I heard that there are some iit’s which consider not only gate score but even some weightage given for Btech percentage and i have btech percentage of 78.91% can u just name those iits

  97. Keshav Kumar Says:

    Hello sir, I scored 336 with 24 marks in GATE 2010 ( Computer Science). Right now I am pursuing Final year of My graduation( B. Tech). Plz let me knw good institutes available for me.

    Seeking for Your Positive Response.

  98. sree Says:

    sir i got 32.33 marks in electrical(obc) is it possible for me to get admission in nit

  99. 289 Says:

    my gate score is 367 and AIR is 13797…do u have an idea of what all colleges i should apply..thnaks in advance 🙂

  100. siddarth dey Says:


    I have got a gate score of 333
    (32.33 out of 100) in Mechanical Discipline.
    What colleges can I apply for?

    Please guide//

  101. Dilip Says:

    Sir, I have 37.33 marks in CSE and i am an OBC student.
    Should i get any NIT or Central University.
    Plz reply

  102. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry that I am not replying personally to everyone. There has been a lot of unexpected traffic and many repeated questions. So this is a common reply to all.

    Firstly, before you ask, PLEASE CHECK previous comments to see if your query has already been answered previously!

    I have no information on NON Computer Science Branches. So, please dont ask questions related to that.

    I have no information on cutoffs of NITs and other colleges. Sorry that I cant comment on those either. PLease contact gateforum or other such institute websites for such info.

    If your GATE rank is below 600, try opting for IITs, you may get called. If your rank is below 150 you might get direct admission.

    If your rank is below 1500 try applying for NITs and other colleges which you like. Do some survey for urself, contact the college seniors, their info is available on their respective websites.

    Again, above figures are as per my feeling and experience. You may apply for IIT even if you have lesser rank and try your luck.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, people who are posting repeated questions, I would like if others who know the answers chip in and try and solve the queries.. You can help your colleagues by answering their questions! I would be thankful for that.

    I will come up with a common reply till the traffic keeps coming, and also answer specific queries which have not been answered before.

    Hope this helps all. BEST LUCK!

  103. shafaq khan Says:


    I got 2373 AIR and 50 marks in mechanical stream in Gate 2011. Can u suggest what colleges I should apply for?

  104. mahesh Says:


    I got 1152 rank, 99.15 percentail,62 marks.

    i belongs to ECE and OC catogiry can i get seat in iits r nits in either embeded r digital communication.

    Please hepl me..

  105. Deepak Says:

    I got 24.33(OBC), AIR (19725) in Gate 2011, Do I have any chance to get into NITs

  106. Deepak Says:

    I got 24.33(OBC), AIR (19725) in Gate 2011, Do I have any chance to get into NITs.

    Sorry I gave wrong emailId last time

  107. chetna Says:

    i have got a gate score of 485 with 38 marks in cs , is there any chance of getting nits.

  108. ben18 Says:

    i got 575 gate score n AIR of 2666 in CSE.. where cn i possibly make…

  109. ben18 Says:

    with 575 gate score n AIR of 2666 in CSE cud i scrape thru any IITs or NITs

  110. vipin.n.s. Says:

    i got 26.33 ( General qualify=25) marks in cs gate 2011.
    gate score:343
    1.What is the eligibility to get a gate score card?
    2.Since i am qualified in which college i can apply(now doing 3rd year).

  111. Saumya Ambastha Says:

    hi sir…i secured 28/100 in ee(cut off being 26.08)…my gate score is 345 and all india rank is 8011 in general catagory…what are my possibilities of getting into an IIT?

  112. Shubham Says:

    hi sir,
    I get 44 out of 100 All India Rank 3057………….Can i get DCE,NSIT,PEC????
    There is any other option for me……….

  113. Sutirtha Roy Says:

    Help Sir,
    I want to know the prospects of those who don’t get the qualifying marks.
    Like me,
    I got 21 out of 100 in Civil Engineering while the qualifying marks for Civil in general category is 25
    My gate score is 278, what does this mean I have no idea about it please help.
    My all India rank in Civil is 5,748
    So, I believe have no chances in IITs or NITs
    but what options do I have if I want do from regional private colleges who offer Master Degree in Civil……………… i have a chance there because I have a AIR of 5,748
    I want to know the process of doing in private colleges and its ways

  114. deepak Says:

    i got 37/100 with 95.47% in gate cs 2011. i have an ece bacground, and i am an obc. is there a chance for M.S in any iit’s
    thank you

  115. Narasimhan Says:

    I have 48.67 marks in gate 2011 cs paper.My score is 615.and 98.6 percentile..can i get in Nit trichy

  116. siddharth Says:

    hi sir
    my gate score is 412
    my air is 9745
    i have OBC reservation too
    can i get somthing good
    plz reply me asap

  117. hi sir,
    my gate gate score in EC IS 534 WITH AIR 3780.
    WHAT is my prospect of getting iit or nit.
    please ,
    mention colleges according to my score.

  118. Shailendra Says:

    hi sir,
    i belong to CE stream
    my gate score- 399
    AIR- 2344
    Percentile- 92%
    i have heard that 60% in is the eligibility to get admission in iits/nits… and i have 56% in my engg….
    so is there any chance for me to get in to nits atleast or some other good colleges. plz dont tell that u have no idea about other stream, atleast give me some little bit information on this matter
    plzzzzzzzzzz sir

  119. V NAVEEN KUMAR Says:

    hi i got AIR 99 in IN branch. where can i get admits. where all i can score is 688

    • inderpreet Says:

      hey my score is 553 in IN and rank is far away 324…. ur marks out of 100 ?? u will probably get some iit

  120. Raviraj Says:

    My Gate 2011 Score is 320. 85.66 perc
    Can i get admission in Nirma or L.D.engg.clg.
    or any other college in gujarat.

  121. akansha Says:

    my gate scre is 469(cse) obc category ,is thr ny chance iit roorkee and tell me other nits or private colleges thnks ,…pls reply soon

  122. Aneesh Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Apologies for the harassment – I saw the dogpile of posts above! – but I have a rather unusual profile, so I’d appreciate your help.

    I took the GATE (CS) last year, in 2010, and got a rank of 159 and a score of 845. However, my academic record in college has always been uniformly horrible due to my awful handwriting; I usually barely passed the written papers but had excellent marks in everything else (practicals, oral examinations, project work, etc.). I graduated last year with a four-year average of 58.51% – for reference, the topper of the university usually has around 75% to 80% – and am thus disqualified from IITB and IITD.

    The IITK mentioned a minimum eligibility of 55% in the qualifying degree, however, and I meet that criterion. Personally, I’m interested in algorithmics and computer architecture; I may want to pursue a Ph.D. later, and these are the subjects that I’m drawn to.

    (I’ve also heard that IITK is the best when it comes to algorithms and theoretical CS, as compared to IITB and IITD, which are more into the systems and electronics side. How true is this?)

    So the question: Do you think I have a good chance of getting into the M.Tech. program? (I’ve already applied, but an assessment of my chances and any further guidance would be *VERY* helpful.) And what other institutes do you think I should apply to?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Aneesh,

      Well, you seem to know most things already. As per your interests, IITK will be good option for you. So, best luck for the test. Regarding chances, it will solely depend on your performance on the DAY. Nothing else counts. 🙂

  123. ROHIT Says:

    Hi bhaiya,
    i got 5173 rank in gate 2011 cse with gate score 481. i got 38 marks in gate 2011. could you suggest me some good colleges in which i can get admission. currently i am studing b tech 8th sem in MGR university chennai with 9.3 cgpa. please suggest me some good colleges and also some job recruitments if you can.

    thanks in advance

  124. ROHIT Says:

    hello brother,
    i got 5138 rank in gate 2011 CSE with 38 gate marks and 481/1000 gate score. i am GEN category. could you suggest me some good colleges in which i can get admission. can i get into nit’s.

  125. geetha Says:

    i got only 21 in gate but qualifying mark is 22.5(obc category).but my staff said that i can apply for anna university.i’m comfused so can’t even prepare for tancet.pls tell whether i’m eligible with a 80 percentile to try in anna university or pondichery universities i dont hav any clear view in this matter plss help me if i’m not qualified what can i do???

  126. sd Says:

    My GATE(CS) score is 367. ne good colleges wher i can apply?what is generally d GATE cutoff for admissions at ISM and NSIT?i m gen cat.

  127. pragati Says:

    sir i have scored 363 an 89.54% vd there any chance to get admission in NSIT, delhi

  128. Rohit Rane Says:

    Hi Jay,
    My Gate score is 42.97. Rank 3497. I’m a CSE student. Can I get into an IIT? Is NIT a good option?

  129. smitha Says:

    sir, I got a gate score of 375 in cse in GATE 2011. Can I get admission in any good colleges?

  130. shyam Says:

    hi jay,
    i am doing 3rd year btech CSE. I want to get a seat any one of the older IIT’s. please suggest me that how to prepare and tips to score. Also send me the links of online material.

  131. subhajit Says:

    I got a GATE CS score of 688 & General rank of 946. Can a get admission to mtech (if I apply) in any of the IITs. Please advice.

  132. MUKESH KUMAR Says:

    hello sir i got 347 score in gate(CS) 2011
    i am in obc (PH) catogory Please tell me, in which colleges i apply.

    Please reply me.


  133. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    Hi guys,

    I was on vacation holidays so could not reply. It seems that there are a lot of redundant queries regarding where to get admission and cutoff etc. I request you guys to please read the cutoffs for last year that I have already posted to best of my knowledge. I cannot suggest you colleges for specific AIRs since I dont have any info on any college other than IIT Kanpur. So, please do your own survey.

    Also, people who already know the facts can please go ahead and answer new queries like Arnab Bose has already done in one of the other posts. Thanks a lot Arnab for your input.

    Best luck for your admission process.

  134. Anonymus Says:

    Hi jay,
    Just want to thank you for your awesome blog which is providing a lot of info.I am from lifescience but this blog is giving me more than enough info for gate related queries.You are also trying to answer all of the queries in your blog,most people dont do that.And please dont stop writing

  135. Anchit Jindal Says:

    Hi Sir
    I have a query for which I got no answer from previous posts. So I am asking here.

    My rank in GATE 2010 and 2011 are 11287 and 15550 resp.(General, Computer Science). Can I get admission in ISM, Dhanbad if I apply under Non-GATE category. There are only 15 seats in total for Gen. category in MTech(Comp). What r my chances there?

  136. jaisri Says:

    my gate score is 22 for cs.BC category,can i get good coll?pls reply

  137. mon Says:

    my gate2011 score is 469 in CS .
    which NIT, or GOVT. institution can i get admission?

  138. raj Says:

    my gate score is 345 and i m in gen category. AIR is 3548. will i get chance in jadavpur university or shibpur???? plz reply

  139. SIDDHARTHA Says:


  140. Gopal Says:

    Hey, i have done my BE i IT,but i want to do my Mtech in Mathematics. In most of colleges an IT engg. is not eligible for Mtech in Mathematics. Can you suggest any college which will provide me Mtech in Mathematics.
    Please reply as soon as possible.

  141. Jagmeet Singh Bali Says:

    Nice and informative post there..
    I appeared for GATE 2011 CS/IT and secured AIR 253.I have applied for IIT B,K,D and M.currently i am confused abt whether i should apply for all of the rem IIT’s or not.
    and also tell me in which IIT i can secure a seat or preferably get an interview call. thanks in advance. please reply

  142. inderpreet Says:

    nice blog jay……i am from instrumentation background and appeared for IN in gate 2011… 324/18400..air….98.25 percentile…..and gate score of 553…..where to expect admission…..any iit possible…..can only go for control or instrumentation engg…..also applied for iocl….so do u hav any idea if i wil get call,,,,plz refer any friend of urs in electrical branch and guide me….will wait for ur reply…….

    inderpreet singh

  143. gaurav turkar Says:

    my gate score is 252 and marks 22 also AIR which college can i get admission?

  144. Ayan Das Says:


    I appeared in GATE 2011(CS) and my results are as follows;
    Rank: 369
    Score : 774
    Marks : 61.67

    I have a job experience of 2.75 years. Do I stand any of getting admission to any of the IITs?
    I am interested in the MSc(Engg.)/PhD program at IISc also. Is it possible to get into the program with this rank?
    Please reply…

    • Yes.. you do have good chances. Im not sure of IISc though MS programme though. Try and apply. You will definitely get called for phD and interviews from most of other iits..

  145. Ayan Das Says:


    Thanks for your reply to my previous question.

    I appeared in GATE 2011(CS) and my results are as follows;
    Rank: 369
    Score : 774
    Marks : 61.67

    I am confused over the preparation that I should take for Interviews, especially maths. Which topics to cover with stress and the book that I should follow for maths. Could you please advice?

  146. ARUP KAR Says:

    My Gate(2011)marks-12.67(out of100),All India rank-6696.Disciline-Instrumentation.Can I get admission in M.Tech in any Govt. college of West Bengal?

  147. dhiraj kumar dubey Says:

    hi i got a gate score of 526 and my air is 4030 in cse can i get ism dhanbad…

  148. sunny Says:

    hai sir am sunny….i hav appeard for gate 2011 my rank 2118 i secured 50 marks and score 597….i belonging to OBC…is there any chance to get seat in top 4 NITs?…thank u

  149. Nimisha Says:

    My gate score is 40.33 will i get admission in any of the nits and pec,chandigarh?

  150. Guys, I have no idea about NITs and other colleges, sorry..

  151. Jagmeet Says:

    Sir my AIR is 253.
    I have applied at IITD only for MCS.I came to know about JCA later on.
    can i expect an interview call from IITD for Mtech CSE.

  152. rizwan Says:


    Congrats for getting your proposal accepted for GSOC, I had a query regarding algorithms research opportunity overall at IITK vs IITD, some of my friends were saying that Sandeep sen,naveen garg are very reknown facutly in algorithms. I know that there
    are many profs in Theoretical CS in general at IITK, but is algorithmics also one of the strengths of IITK CS department??

    I am asking this because I already accepted IITK’s offer for MTech (CS), I have an interview call for MS(By research) at IITD need to decide on whether to attend for interview :).

    Thanks much!

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Well, Prof Naveen Garg, and Sandeep Sen are very good for algorithms. no doubt. If I am not wrong, Prof S Baswana from iitk has jointly done research with Sandeep Sen. So, IITK as well as IITD are both very good in this area. I am doing thesis under Prof Sanjeev saxena and he is also very experienced in this area. So, I guess it depends on your choice.

      Best way to decide would be to go through their research papers and see what suits you more.. Best luck.

      • rizwan Says:


        Thanks for your reply..Well, I chose not to attend the interview, as the faculty profiles in IITD were not very encouraging except for the two profs i mentioned..I sticked to the option of IITK. Can you give me an idea about what research labs and the US based companies(which offer a job in US) that recruit from IITK CS Dept…

        Thanks much!

        • rizwan Says:

          And also is there a possibility of doing a summer internship at software firm/university after 1st year?

          • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

            Internship – yes. Almost 6-7 students have gone for internship from my batch. I am myself doing Google Summer of Code. Regarding campus – IBM IRL comes, and last year FB came and was giving job in california (Though noone from IITK was selected). Also, google, MS, amazon, yahoo, oracle, cisco, intel etc come, but job is in India only.

          • evilgenius Says:

            The main reason I was applying was to get PhD admit to top 5 in CS after masters. With the world class faculty, awesome course structure (thesis for 3 sems), lot of theoretical/algorithmic courses I think at least the toppers in IITK would make it to good PhD programs. And my aim is to pursue this..

            But I was thinking about the case where I end up preferring a job after MTech..would I get a better job than what i can get now [with some preparation]..I am currently working at DEShaw..I had gotten a chance to do onsite interviews with google, and phone interviews for FaceBook last year..I blew it though..

  153. Sachin Says:

    Sir, my GATE score is 363 and marks are 28 and I got 90% in GATE 2011. I belong to SC category. I have applied to Department of CSE at ISM Dhanbad for M.Tech. in computer application. Is there any chance for me getting admission. They provided generally list of candidates who are eligible for counseling I am one of that. But I want to know is there any chance for me getting admission. I belong to SC category. Sir i m waiting for your reply. Thankyou

  154. Swapnil AJ Says:

    Can you tell us about NIT cut offs of last year(to be specific CS/IT) i.e. 2010 because though we all have got good marks rank is the one only that matters…right na????
    I have rank 2075 and score 603. Can I get NIT warangal, Trichy ,Surathkal OR Calicat ??????

  155. Harish Iyer Says:

    Hi Jay,

    I just got selected for Mtech at IIT K. I also gave interview at IIT Delhi which went well. But i little confused over the pattern in which IIT K and IIT D professors conducted the interview.
    In IIT K , the profs were very uncooperative and sometimes making fun. In IIT Delhi they were very encouraging. So i just want to know from your experience in dept, how the profs are in IITK. Are they supportive and encouraging ? Again it might vary from case to case but in general.
    Since IITK Mtech is more thesis oriented course, do all the students who do their Mtech are able to publish papers in IEEE etc? What if one is not able to do so

    Also if i get selected for iit delhi as well which do u think i should opt for?

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      IITK proffs are also very supportive and encouraging. I dont know why you got this feeling.. May be you talked to wrong students in the department who might have discouraged you!

      In every college, there are some students who like the course work and teaching because they understand it and work hard, and some people are other wise.

      Again as you said, IITK is more research oriented… Not all students publish papers, but the once that do publish papers are considered very successful.. Those who dont manage to publish, still get their degree if they have put in serious efforts!

      IIT D, you should ask some students there.. they might be able to guide you.

      My, view- I love IITK and the way things are taught and learned here.. The overall environment is awesome. If you are interested in algorithms and theory, this is the place to be!

      Best luck..

  156. srinivas Says:

    hai.. my gate rank is 642(cse) and my score is 729 and i belongs to OBC cat. Is there any possibility of getting offer from IIT Madras. What was the last year cutoff for iit madras

  157. Deepak Says:

    Sir my air rank is 272 general category. Is there any chances of geting in iit roorkee.

  158. Jay Mahadeokar Says:

    @rizwan – I am not sure if the job you will get will be better than ur current job, since that will depend on your performance! But you will get a lot of opportunities to prove urself.. that is for sure!

  159. evilgenius Says:

    Thanks Jay. I will see you in the IIT Kanpur campus 🙂

  160. Devaiah.S Says:

    my IIT Rank is 428 in SC category so where is the seat is available for ECE,MECH,ELEC
    please give me Suggestion

  161. amar Says:

    what is the gate cutoff score(CSE STREAM) for obc category to get an interview call from IITK…???

    pls reply…

  162. ankur Says:

    hi i m ankur ,branch ece
    can u please tell me about the scope of doing m tech from iisc and iits.
    is mtech helpful in getting better packages in good companies particularly
    in electronics field.

  163. gangadhar.D Says:

    Sir i got 27.08 marks in gate in 2011.which colleges may i get in seat .

  164. Avinash Says:

    Hi Jay,

    I was going through the blog regarding best profs in theortical computer science and was surprised to find that not many are there from IIT K but more from IIT Delhi. I got an idea from your previous blogs that Kanpur is good in theoretical CSE.

    Theoretical computer science research in India
    Following up on my previous posts on computer vision researchers and ML / DM / AI/ NLP researchers in India, here is the corresponding list for machine learning (number of publications according to DBLP).

    In the table below, I use the following venues while compiling the records:
    Tier-1 journals: JACM, TCS, JAL, SIAMCOMP, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Algorithmica, Combinatorica, CC.
    The numbers in the brackets indicate the years of the most recent publications by the researchers in the respective categories. The individuals are sorted in a decreasing order of the sum of their conference and journal publications.

    Researcher Organization Tier-1 conference Tier-1 journals
    Ravi Kannan MSR 45 (2010) 21 (2009)
    Jaikumar Radhakrishnan TIFR 40 (2009) 8 (2009)
    Amit Kumar IIT-D 30 (2011) 10 (2010)
    Naveen Garg IIT-D 28 (2009) 11 (2010)
    Kavitha Telikepalli IISc 22 (2010) 16(2011)
    Manindra Agrawal IIT-K 31 (2009) 6 (2011)
    Prahladh Harsha TIFR 19 (2010) 4 (2007)
    Neeraj Kayal MSR 15 (2011) 2 (2007)
    Nisheeth K. Vishnoi MSR 14 (2011) 1 (2009)

    • Jay Mahadeokar Says:

      Hi Avinash,

      The best place to search for publication record of author is DBLP. Example, for Dr Naveen Garg it is: and it shows all his 53 publications.

      Now, I don’t know if number of publications is the criteria to select your choice of institute. You should instead look at the kind of work done. No doubt that Prof Naveen Garg and Prof Amit Kumar are great in their areas. You may also want to look into DBLP profiles of Dr. S. Saxena, Dr. S Baswana, Dr. Biswas etc from IITK. Similarly for profs from IITD. Look at the titles of papers published, abstracts etc and see if they interest you.

  165. Mittul_the_evangelist Says:

    My GATE 2011 score is 749 and AIR is 502.

    Can I get into any IIT??

    I am from General category…

  166. hi, man i got 28.33 with 350 AIR 7699

  167. ashok kumar Says:

    i hav got 28.95 marks in gate 2011 nd i am frm air is 7416.can i expect sv university ,tirupathi for admission

  168. gururaj Says:

    my % at BE is 57.8 . Can i get admission at IITB,D,Kan,Khar for CS if i can get into AIR in top 100.

  169. Prashant Says:

    Hii sir i got 47 marks in gate 4m biotech……m i eligible 4 iit???

  170. Roshan.C.L Says:

    Hi Sir …I wanted to know whether B.E marks are taken into account for GATE. I have an aggregate of 54% in BE. Am I eligible for gate.Please reply me as soon as possible.

  171. Chayan Says:

    Hello Sir, I am very confused about what to do M.TECH or JOB…i am pursuing B.E.(CSE) and i’m placed in Infosys and Wipro…i had choose infosys due to its good training..but i’m confused whether it is necessary to do M.Tech or do job… my interest is to go to programming field and not to become domain specific.. is there is any effect on growth rate or salary….please sir solve my problem…

    • Depends on what kind of job you want to do.. Wipro, Infosys is product based. After MTech in IIT, you get chance to go for product based companies like Google, MS, Adobe,Amazon, Yahoo etc which are more algorithm and programming profile based..

      • Chayan Says:

        In M.Tech we become domain specific e.g. database… I want to know whether their is effect on growth rate or salary after doing M.Tech… or i can be comfortable after my B.E….I want to do product based jobs..what are the subjects that they teach u…can u send me syllabus..

        • Who told you that we become domain specific? Even if we do, that is only because we are interested in that domain, but noone stops you from exploring other domains! Also, if you consider growth rate, after MTech, your start salary would be 3 times or even 4 times what you will get in say Wipro after BTech (Depending on how well you do during MTech). So, even thinking about growth is silly! THink about the quality of work you get to do.

          The question is, are you good enough to crack GATE. That is work really hard to understand the concepts in CSE. If you are good enough for that then you need not worry about future after MTech!

        • For courses offered, go to department websites of IITs. All info is there!

  172. Abhishek Says:

    sir are there any chances of getting a job through GATE rank basis. i m doing cs and appearing for GATE this year. if some companies recruit through GATE rank for cs, then please tell.. please help me

  173. Sir, am gate 2012 aspirant.. sr can you list some books for question practice.. i mean not subject books bt book having GATE type questions !!

  174. jn Says:

    hii…felt gud to see ur post…i m 2011 batch cse passed out…gave gate 2011 with marks 38.67 rank 5k sth…due to financial conditions i curbed my instincts to clear gate as i had to do a job ryt away….presently in newgen software ,noida …giving gate 2012 and wana crack it nehow…i m 78% in btech..n studied well…to b in touch i m giving psu exams …nw plz tell me hw much time wud it b required to crack gate…to land up in iitk…kanpur being my hometown…
    wud be v grateful if u guide me how to go about it….books ,stategy etc

    Thankssssssssss in advance’

  175. Sir,my AIR in GATE-2011 is 1107. I belong to general category and CSE department.what is the possibility of making it to IIT’s??
    Next to IITs what best options i can choose with this score

  176. mohana Says:

    my gate rank in 2011 is 1107 in CS ..general category..what colleges can i expect admission for this year (2012 batch)

  177. Ritu Says:

    hello sir….
    Can u plzz tell me d fee structure of mtech in IIT’s??

  178. Srivatsan Says:

    Hello sir .. I have got an AIR of 2075 in gate 2011 cs in gen category. Is it possible for me to join any of the NITs this year (2012 batch ) ?? Kindly advice me..

  179. UMESH KUMAR Says:










  180. RUPESH Says:

    I HAVE GATE EE 2011 SCORE OF 385 AND 92 PERCENTILE IN GEN CATEGORY .what are the chances in getting admission in iit OR nit.

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