Proposal accepted for GSoc 2011

April 26, 2011

Hey! Been long time since I blogged. Just finished with my exams today.

And guess what, GSoc 2011 results are out, and my project proposal for implementation of Time Dependent Shortest Path Algorithm for pgRouting has been accepted! 🙂

Short description of the project:

This project aims at extending the pgRouting library to support time-dependent shortest path routing where the edge weights are function of time and other parameters. Unlike static scenario, where the edge weights do not change here, we assume that the weights change according to time. So, while traversing any edge, the algorithm must consider the cost of edge at that instant of time. Thus the algorithm will give the path which has least arrival time from source to destination.

It sure promises to be one exciting summer! Best thing is that the project closely overlaps with the research topic I am working on currently as part of my thesis. I will keep updating on the project of the project through-out summer. So Stay tuned!


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