I was the Sun Microsystems Campus Ambassador for my college back in FY09. I had a great time back them, learning new technologies, giving lectures, conducting seminars and doing some cool projects.

Highlight was when i shared the stage with Joe Hartley, VP, Sun Microsystems!

Please go through my Sun Blog if interested!

Cheers 🙂


4 Responses to “I was a Sun CA!”

  1. Sandip Dev Says:

    Welcome to wordpress… 🙂

  2. Mohit Says:

    gr8! And I’m the Microsoft n IBM CA for my college.. 🙂 And Ive also written my Gate in CS this yr.. and was goin through ur blog post for postgate.. Gr8 wrk done yar!!! Kudos!!! As for me, I’m expecting around 47 or so. I know its not good enough to get even call from IIT.. But hoping for direct in NIT.. But, if you could, den plz clarify my 1 doubt. I’ve developed a project for blind people and was recently in news too… in arnd 20-30 online/print publications including all major newspapers like economic times, hindustan times, mumbai mirror, etc, etc.. My project also reached the finals of Genpact Nasscom Social Innovation Honours. And is also in process of patenting.. I was also in your campus of IITK during all my summers in 2010 continuing this project as internship and had also came 1st in the Indian Conference for Academic Research for Undergraduate Students for this project.. My querry is, that can I have an advantage of my project work for getting admission??? Are you aware of any such schemes in IITs or NITs where my project wrk can gain me some advantage??? I’m also an IBM Blue Scholar. Can that help too?

    • Hi Mohit,

      As far as I know, no such scheme is available for admission in IITs or NITs. Maybe it can help you during interviews for admission. But you need to have a valid GATE score for getting interview call in first place. 🙂

  3. Rakesh Says:


    I have got admission in IISc Bangalore In ME CSE and I got Interview call from IITB for RA Category which is Mtech of 3 years. Right now I am interested in Artificial Intelligence Research applied in Video Games. So I want to know which will be best for me. Since I want to become AI programmer for Games, both dont specific courses for that What do you think will be best for me

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